Monday, February 26, 2018
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4:00pm [4:00pm] Book Discussion: Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea
Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea, by Barbara Demick Award-winning journalist Barbara Demick follows the lives of six North Korean citizens over fifteen years a chaotic period that saw the death of Kim Il-sung, the rise to power of his son Kin Jong-il, and a devastating famine that killed one-fifth of the population. Denmick brings to life what it means to be living under the repressive totalitarian regime today an Orwellian world that is by choice not connected to the Internet, where displays of affection are punished, informants are rewarded, and an offhand remark can send a person to the gulag for life. Demick takes us deep inside the country, beyond the reach of government censors, and through meticulous and sensitive reporting we see her subjects fall in love, raise families, nurture ambitions, and struggle for survival. One by one, we witness their profound, life-altering disillusionment with the government and their realization that, rather than providing them with lives of abundance, their country has betrayed them.

6:00pm [6:30pm] Pushing the Limits: Legacy
Description: Join the discussion of Pushing the Limits of Heritage. Pushing the Limits is a four part program, which includes reading, viewing and discussion. It is funded by the National Science Foundation. This program brings together books and video featuring authors, scientists and everyday people who thrive on exploring science in everyday life. February's topic of discussion, Pushing the Limits of Heritage, is well developed in "The Return of Curiosity" by Nicholas Thomas. It is also explored in video clips with the author and everyday people. Community discussion around science themes is the goal of this program. Retired marine biologist Peter Bergstrom will facilitate the discussion. A light meal will be provided. This event is free and open to the public. This national program has been developed by a team of library professionals, scientists, and filmmakers. Their organizations include Dartmouth College, the Association for Rural and Small Libraries, the Califa Group (a California-based library consortium), Dawson Media Group, and Oregon State University-- with generous funding from the National Science Foundation.