Saturday, May 19, 2018
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10:00am [10:30am] Life Stories Writing Workshop
A Writing Workshop with Elayne Clift sponsored by The Vermont Independent Media's Media Mentoring Program LIFE STORIES: Connecting Memories of Love, Action, and Thought to Social Change! "We are all the same, that is human,[but] in such a way that nobody is ever the same as anyone else..." Hannah Arendt Inspired by the work and thinking of 20th century writer and philosopher Hannah Arendt, and by Diving for Pearls, a book about Arendt by Kathleen B. Jones, this workshop will guide participants as they write and share stories "to know precisely what the past was, to [explore] this knowledge and these memories, and then to wait and see what comes of knowing and [remembering]," as Arendt put it. Arendt believed strongly in living life in a way that is thoughtful and moral, even if it means taking risks, so that we are not simply "a leaf blowing in the whirlwind of time." Through writing prompts and facilitated exercises, along with a look at Arendt's wise words, we will celebrate what Goethe called "life's labyrinthine, erring course," as our narratives "recall significant events in our lives by telling one story among many, so that we can effect change that benefits our world." Come prepared to compose, share, laugh, ponder and discover your inner writer.