Meeting Minutes and Agendas

Meeting Minutes and Agendas

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Friends of the Library Meeting DRAFT Minutes: January 28

JANUARY 28, 2016

PRESENT: Polly Montgomery (Chairman), Kathy Michel (Vice Chair) Duane Whitehead (Treasurer), Betty Haggerty (Secretary) Nancy Kovaleff, Robert McBride, Carolyn Frisa, Pat Fowler (Trustee liason), librarians  Celina Houlne, Anne Dempsey

After a social time for celebrating Celina’s upcoming birthday with singing, cake, and beverages, (and later, flowers), Polly called the meeting to order at 4:05. A quorum was present. She passed around a sign up sheet for those able to join in taking Celina and Stephen out to dinner at the Free Range Restaurant in Chester on Feb. 5, 6:30 PM. Also circulated was a copy of the calendar photo contest poster.

MINUTES: The minutes of the October 19, 2015 meeting were approved as presented.

SEARCH FOR NEW BOARD MEMBERS: Names of potential board members were discussed. There are three positions open; new members will be appointed at the annual meeting.  Polly, Kathy, and Carolyn will ask the people they suggested, within a week. (Later in the meeting, when Pat Fowler arrived, she said she would like to serve on the board; therefore there are two openings for new board members.)

PROGRAMS/EVENTS: Discussion regarding the date for the Annual Meeting ensued. It was felt that, in general, this meeting is poorly attended and that there is no need for elaborate planning. It was voted to hold the Annual Meeting just before the March 12 Trivia Night event, between 3 and 3:30 PM, with the agenda consisting of the election of officers, the appointment of two board members, the annual financial report, and Polly’s report on the past year’s activities. The first meeting with new board members was tentatively set for March 31, 4 PM.

  • TRIVIA NIGHT—March 12, 4-6:30 PM. Ticket prices will be $75 for a table of 6, $12 for individuals. Those who participated before should be approached soon to encourage participating again and paying ahead. Celina reminded us that the room capacity is 88. Polly will gather items for an Irish themed basket to be raffled that day. Celina suggested that we gather other baskets or items for the spring raffle to be held at the plant sale now and start selling tickets. We will purchase a book of trivia questions from Pat Fowler; this will be used as a source of the questions to be asked. Prizes will be chocolate bars from Pat’s store. Donovans will again provide the beverages. Kathy will contact the emcees. REFRESHMENTS: Pat will ask the Trustees to help us with providing refreshments. Help is needed with set up and clean up, with set up possibly taking place Friday night. It was suggested that we reach out to community organizations to participate. Publicity should go out soon, using the same poster as before with updated information. COMMITTEE: Polly, Carolyn, Robert, Kathy.
  • CALENDAR—Carolyn has received no responses from the photo contest publicity. We brainstormed on how to generate interest in this. Many names of area photographers were brought forward. Names of people to be contacted to submit 5-6 photos were divided up among the board members. Trustees will be asked to help as well. Carolyn will forward a copy of the contest rules to Betty to be sent out to the FOL membership. The deadline for submissions is April 1; we MAY need a backup plan for producing the 2017 calendar. 
  • PLANT SALE—May 7, 9AM-2PM   A committee will be formed which, ideally, will involve the new board members. Ideas for the raffle theme were discussed: plants, birds, butterflies… A silent auction of rocking chairs (I child sized, 1 adult) will be held. We will ask area artists to consider painting the chairs and will offer them a stipend. MOTION: Polly moved, Robert seconded to offer $100 to the artists. PASSED. 

TREASURER’S REPORT: Duane distributed the report, which showed an account balance as of Dec. 2015 of $4,826.60. A little more has been deposited since then.

LIBRARIAN’S REPORT/REQUESTS: Celina stated that having the library pay for programs that FOL has appropriated money for, specifically those involving performers, generates paper work relative to Workers’ Compensation. She asked to have FOL pay the bills for these programs directly, to avoid the extra layer of paper work for the library. She would like us to approve a program amount at the March 31 meeting, as the summer youth programs will be coming along. Polly asked Celina to bring an expanded wish list for programs and items to the March 31 board meeting. Having an idea of what is needed/wished for would be kept in mind when we’re making plans for fund raising. Celina asked FOL to purchase 2 more tables for the meeting room and youth department. MOTION: Carolyn moved, Kathy seconded to spend up to $500 for two tables. PASSED. 


Meeting adjourned at 5:45 PM


Betty Haggerty, Secretary


Friends of the Library Meeting Agenda: March 7, 2015


Friends of the Library

 March 7, 2015
10:30 a.m.

Meeting Room, 2n fl., RFPL



1. Approval of Minutes

2. Appointing New Board Member to replace Donna Stevens
Bylaws Section 6: “All vacancies may be filled by appointment of the Board to be held for the remainder of the term of office in which the vacancy occurred.”

2. Programs/Events

                        i.  Civil War Program March 28th at 1p.m.
ii. Book Sale  April 10 and week following
iii. Plant Sale  May 9th or later?
iv. Be a Friend and Bring a Friend event
v. Other?

3. Treasurer’s Report

4. Librarians Report, Requests

5. Other Old Business/New Business

6. Next Meeting & Adjourn

Friends of the Library Meeting DRAFT Minutes: March 7, 2015

MARCH 7, 2015

Present: Polly Montgomery (Chairperson), Kathy Michel (Vice Chair), Duane Whitehead (Treasurer), Jennifer Silver (Secretary), Betty Haggerty, Nancy Kovaleff, Pat Fowler, Célina Houlné, Anne Dempsey.

Chairperson Polly Montgomery called the meeting to order at 10:33 a.m.

The minutes of the February 7, 2014, meeting were approved.


In accordance with Bylaws Section 6, Betty made a motion to appoint Carolyn Frisa to replace Donna Stevens; Jennifer seconded the motion, and it was unanimously approved. Nancy said that it would be useful to ask Donna her reasons for stepping down; Polly will talk to other board members to see if there is anything we can learn that would help future board members.


Civil War Program, Saturday, March 28th at 1:00 p.m.
Anne reported on her activities. She has sent out a press release (and Betty saw it in a newspaper). Eric Bye has agreed to come play banjo. Anne thanked Duane for his suggestions. Posters from Vermont Humanities Council have already been posted around the area. Anne has also posted on Facebook, and Friends are encouraged to share her post. Ellen sent information to other area libraries. Anne has requested permission from Steven Fuller, the priest at Immanuel Church, for Duane to ring the church bell (as it was rung at the end of the war) as part of the event. Anne will contact VHC about selecting one of Howard Coffin’s books, Nine Months to Gettysburg, for the library book club. The manager of the Opera House declined to show Lincoln, but Sam Maskell purchased a license that might allow RFPL to show it; Anne will investigate. Anne has researched Civil War food; Friends volunteered to make cornbread, gingerbread, applesauce cookies, lemonade, and coffee, and we agreed to set out a donation jar and some FOL brochures.

Book Sale, Friday, April 10 (Friends’ Preview Night), Saturday, April 11, and following week.
Polly listed the names of volunteers to take shifts. We’ll also need volunteers for the previous week to set up. Célina will check with Sam before putting out a call for book donations, as we may not be able to handle large donations. The Preview will be on April 10, 5-8 p.m.; we’ll need a volunteer at 4:00 to set up the Friends’ table for renewing memberships and selling bookbags and other items. Mary and Célina will be on hand to handle money and renewals. Saturday shifts are 9 a.m.-1 p.m. and 1-5 p.m. Pat will mention at the upcoming Trustees’ meeting that we need volunteers.

Plant Sale: May 9th.
May 9th is the day before Mother’s Day; we could also sell gifts such as bouquets and roof slates painted by Deb Wetzel and others. Sam could advertise the Plant Sale at her booth at the Herricks Cove event. Polly asked for a subcommittee for the Plant Sale, and she will invite Carolyn to chair that subcommittee, with the Cliffs, Kathy Michel, and Polly. Célina will ask Deb Wetzel if she’s able to handle the painted slates. Célina has a necklace donated by the Putney store Offerings left over from another event that we can raffle off and suggested we look for other items to raffle.

Project Wild Thing Movie Screening
The Grafton Nature Museum owns a DVD of Project Wild Thing, so there would be no charge for showing it. Anne will talk to Alma about partnering with the Springfield Audubon Society to host a screening.

Be a Friend, Bring a Friend event
Elayne had recommended an autumn coffee/tea at the Flat Iron Exchange. An event at the library would be a good alternative, possibly with music. Maybe we could do it during Friends of the Library Week, October 18-24, and perhaps Elayne and Arnold would like to organize it.

Bus Trip: Celina reported that tickets to urban theater performances are prohibitively expensive at $140 each plus travel. She proposed a trip to The Mount, Edith Wharton’s home, and the Norman Rockwell Museum or the Clark Art Museum in the afternoon, on a good bus, for $103, with a bag lunch. Will people pay $120? Nancy suggested asking the bus company to make a stop in Brattleboro to pick up more people on a Saturday in May or June. There was discussion of who might attend such an event and how to time it accordingly. We decided that the cost was too high, with an uncertain profit for the Friends, and dropped the idea. We may consider this again in the fall.

Pat bought a membership to United for Libraries, an organization for library Trustees, Friends, advocates, and foundations. She is willing to share information from the organization.

Célina requested funds to purchase a stand-up whiteboard for presentations. Nancy made a motion to spend up to $130 on a new whiteboard; Betty seconded the motion, and it was unanimously approved.

Duane reported that there were no February transactions to report. February revenue came in from calendar sales and memberships. Our current balance is $5,476.23.

Purchase of tables for downstairs: Célina is ordering two tables from Neudorfer, a Waterbury, VT, manufacturer, who will stain them to match our bookshelves. She also spoke with the Trustees, who recognize that the Friends are autonomous and can determine how to spend our own funds, in the spirit of collaboration with the Trustees.
Célina reported that the four newly elected Trustees will be dedicated advocates for the library, and the RFPL budget was approved. The new full-time reference librarian, Nancy Tusinski, is the former Director of the Weathersfield Library.

Polly has not yet taken Nancy Tusinski to lunch, so she proposed getting a group to go down to Putney in April, tour Nancy’s library there, take her to lunch, and ask her what book she would like us to purchase in her honor for RFPL.

ADJOURNMENT—Meeting was adjourned at 12:10 p.m.

NEXT MEETING SCHEDULED FOR JUNE 6, 2015, at 10:30 a.m.


Jennifer Silver, Secretary

Friends of the Library DRAFT Minutes: February 7, 2015

FEBRUARY 7, 2015

Present: Polly Montgomery (Chairperson), Kathy Michel (Vice Chair), Duane Whitehead (Treasurer),  Jennifer Silver (Secretary), Nancy Kovaleff, Arnold Clift, Elayne Clift, Célina Houlné, Anne Dempsey, Susan Lampe-Wilson, Jeanne Moore, David Gould, Martha Rowley.

Polly called the meeting to order at 10:37 AM. A quorum was present. Introductions were made.

Kathy made a motion to approve the minutes of the January 10, 2014, Duane seconded the motion, and the minutes were unanimously approved.

Polly introduced Amy, who described what she does as a library consultant for Vermont Department of Libraries. Her focus is on board development, sometimes including Friends boards, and fundraising. She organizes the Annual Conference for Friends and Trustees. She remarked that ours is a very large Friends group and thanked us for the “funds you raise and the care with which you spend them.” Then she led some games for the Friends and guests!

Elayne gave a reminder about the Vermont film series on Wednesday evenings. Kathy mentioned the Meet the Candidates event at 6-7 p.m. on Monday.

Polly shared a wonderful slideshow of photos from the Friends’ activities during the past year.

Duane gave credit to Mary Van Hartesveldt, who helped him to put together his report. Duane distributed a Revenue Spreadsheet for fiscal year September 2014-2015 (to date) and the Disbursements Journal for our checking account for 2014.  The total revenue for September 2014 through January 2015 is $1,773.50.

Carol reported that there will be new candidates for the Board, with a Meet the Candidates event on Monday. She hopes that with a new board, the Trustees will be able to focus on their goals. They’re working on a priority list and soliciting input from library staff and patrons. Their next meeting is February 17 (postponed from January) with the regular February meeting in the following week. She urged the Friends to come to Town Hall on Monday, March 2 to vote for the Library budget. Duane recommended revising the By-Laws to respond to unethical actions by Board members; Célina and Carol said that the Policy Committee has been meeting about it and will present policy revisions to the Board. There is no provision for removing a Trustee before his/her term is complete, but the Trustees can vote to replace an Officer if desired. Other new policy guidelines for procedure will be introduced. People are encouraged to come to the Board meetings; public comment should be succinct and to the point. The 4th Tuesday at 6:15 has been the regular Trustees meeting; this may change under the newly elected Board.


  1. March 7th : next FOL Board Meeting
  2. Humanities Program on the Civil War, Saturday, March 28, 1 p.m.: Howard Coffin lecture (FOL will make Civil War-era foods to serve and sell; Eric Bye will play banjo; ringing of Immanuel Church bell at conclusion.) In two weeks Anne will begin publicizing the event.
  3. Plant Sale — The tentative date is Saturday, May 9th. Polly circulated a sign-up list for helping with these events. There was discussion of adding some other attractions to the plant sale: raffle, “rock” and “ham”-themed things, selling Mother’s Day cakes, etc. At March meeting we will discuss possibilities. Possible tie-in with Plant Sale: Project Wild Thing documentary and books about children in nature.
  4. NYC trip—Célina reported that she, Duane, and Anne visited Greater Falls Travel to do research. A trip in June is a possibility, with another in September. Possible destinations include Boston, the North Shore theater-in-the-round, Hartford—musicals, shows, music events.
  5. Book Sale is the Library’s sale, as books are the only thing that the Library can legally sell; they request the help of the FOL. Date for the Book Sale is Preview Night on April 10th with the sale continuing during the following week (days and times to be determined).

Célina reported that Carol asked her to defer buying the tables so that the board and staff could determine priorities. The Library might get some money as a result of the Town’s litigation against the architects. Célina stated that it is not the FOL’s responsibility to finance large projects such as solar panels, etc., but she still feels that the tables are an affordable and appropriate purchase by the FOL on behalf of the Library. Arnold stated that the purpose of the FOL is not to furnish items that the Board doesn’t put into the budget. Elayne said that the Board of Trustees is responsible for policy-making and fundraising (e.g., capital campaigns), and the FOL are free to raise and spend funds how they choose. Célina encouraged Elayne to attend the Trustees meeting and make a statement about our role.

New request from Sam Maskell: $100 to purchase approximately 15 board books to support the “1,000 Books Before Kindergarten” program that encourages parents of children birth to age 5 to log their reading. These books would be prizes for reading milestones. Arnold moved to contribute $100, Kathy seconded, and the motion was unanimously passed.

The FOL currently has 43 active members, a little bit down from last year (52). We could work to increase our membership. Elayne reminded us that the Be a Friend/Bring a Friend event was very successful; perhaps we could hold it at the Flat Iron Exchange. We could ask Sam to post an incentive message on the website: first five new members win a prize, for example. Nancy requested that an advertisement be made for screening at the Opera House; Célina will coordinate creating a slide.

ADJOURNMENT—Our meeting was adjourned at 12:25 p.m.


Jennifer Silver, Secretary

Friends of the Library DRAFT Minutes: January 10, 2015

JANUARY 10, 2015

Present: Polly Montgomery (Chairperson), Kathy Michel (Vice Chair), Duane Whitehead (Treasurer), Jennifer Silver (Secretary), Betty Haggerty, Célina Houlné, Anne Dempsey, Arnold Clift.

Chairperson Polly Montgomery called the meeting to order at 10:30 AM.

The minutes of the October 20, 2014, meeting were approved.


December Holiday Party and Raffle
Polly will write a thank-you Letter to the Editor on behalf of the Friends, to thank the community for their support, to be submitted to newspaper and media list. Everybody who won prizes has been called. Kathy Michel said that the number and variety of prizes were great. Louise Luring won the cash raffle and donated it back to the FOL; Polly already wrote her a thank-you note. The raffle brought in $346. Polly said that it was a lot of work for $346, but the community involvement and good will were also valuable. Next time we should start earlier and ask Trustees and Friends to sell $25 worth of tickets each. We should start in September or even earlier, before all the school families get ‘raffle fatigue.’ We could even sell tickets at Old Home Days.
The party itself was great—the food, cider, and punch were a huge hit. Polly suggested adding music next year, such as MSA’s String Band; if we can’t find a live band, we could play taped music. Celina stated that she had heard a lot of positive feedback.

Quilt Silent Auction
Polly thanked Arnold and Elayne, who bought the quilt. The proceeds ($250) will go towards the tables Celina requested at our September meeting. The auction brought good publicity and press.

Membership Letters and Renewals
Polly asked Duane for the results of the signed requests that we sent out in October. $460 in membership fees came in from October through December as a result.

Celina stated that in future we should send out the membership appeals once a year in advance of the March book sale, so as not to coincide with other appeals going out in the fall. The bulk of renewals are in April, after Betty sends out her appeal; she is happy to continue doing this. We could push for new members and renewals in late March and ask all board members to find one new Friend in March. If we emphasize the preview night for the book sale, it should bring in lots of new members.

Celina recommended having a FOL table at any community event, just for outreach and public relations, even if it doesn’t bring in a lot of money. She also suggested hanging a banner in the RFPL Meeting Room during all events.

Our Mailing List
We need to update our email list so we can send out blasts about Annual Meeting, plant sale, etc.

Civil War Event
Anne has worked hard on planning this event. Anne reported that on Saturday, March 28, at 1 p.m., Howard Coffin will speak about Vermont’s contribution to the Civil War. Vermont Humanities Council will pay the bulk of his cost; we pay only $75. Certified Local Government will pay his additional $100 travel fee. Eric Bye will play his Civil War-era banjo.

We can try to get the Opera House to show Lincoln, and we could contact local social studies teachers at all public and private schools to encourage students to attend. We need to ask Rick Angiers if we could open the OH for this special showing, how much it would cost, and whether we would need to pre-sell tickets. He does show movies during the schoolday sometimes; maybe it could be shown during the day or have day and evening showings.

Anne contacted Across the Fence (UVM’s radio program); Coffin has done a number of segments for them. They’d be happy to let us show as many of his segments as we want (streaming from a laptop on the meeting room screen).

If we can’t get Lincoln, there’s also a documentary on Appomattox, which we could screen in the Library.
Windham Antiques would be happy to do a Civil War display.

We should also decorate the library building, ring the bell in town as was done at the end of the war, find out about local families who lost sons in the war.

Peter Galbraith attends historical events; Ken Burns usually does not. Richard Anderson in Saxtons River does Gettysburg maintenance and might know other local specialists. Anne will contact him.

Annual Meeting
February 7, 10:30 a.m. (snow date February 21). It conflicts with the Women’s Club meeting, so Betty will not attend. Pat Fowler can’t make it, either, but this seems generally to be the best date. Betty will send out email invitations to the updated list. We will serve refreshments: Polly will bring stollen, Anne will bring juices, the Library has cups, etc.; Jennifer will bring mini-quiches (or alternative); Arnold & Elayne will bring deviled eggs.
The agenda will include electing officers, reviewing our Planning Calendar, Polly’s slideshow of FOL events, door prizes (library bag, calendar, note cards). We’ll ask Amy Howlett (State Library Consultant) for other suggestions and invite her to attend and entertain! We’ll also ask Allison Teague if she or someone else would like to cover it for The Commons.

We clarified that at the meeting we will elect Board members, which any paid-up member can do. If no officer is resigning, we don’t need to put officer election on the Agenda.
By presenting the Planning Calendar at the meeting, we might get people who are interested in volunteering.

We reviewed Célina’s draft Planning Calendar, touching on the following items:
NYC trip: in January we need to plan the Bus Trip. We could try to plan one for late April/early May (before the Plant Sale) or in the fall. Deb will help Célina plan; we need a brainstorming meeting in the next week before Deb goes away on Friday. We will form a committee; Duane and Anne volunteered. Elayne might also be interested. Jennifer will ask Heidi Lauricella to debrief us about the MSA trip last year to Bridges of Madison County.

Arnold asked whether we can do more to support Sam, whose youth programs are so good. She is already overspending her budget; should we give her more? Célina thinks Sam is doing fine without additional help. She will let Sam know that we appreciate her and that if she needs more help from us, she can let us know.

On Mondays in February, Nancy Tusinski will be at the library; Polly would like to take her to lunch and will invite the Board to join them. We can also donate a book to the Library in her name.

Polly made a motion to donate up to $100 to donate a book and/or item for the collection in honor of Nancy Tusinski. Arnold seconded the motion, and it was unanimously approved.

March 2: Town Meeting – we need to attend to vote on Library budget.

April: At the annual meeting, we should get volunteers to sign up for the Book Sale and Plant Sale. We may not need April and May board meetings because we will have already completed planning for sales; subcommittees will be working on the events.

Scheduling of FOL meetings: we have learned not to hold meetings in July and August. We will generally meet on the first Saturday: March 7, June 6, September 12 (after Labor Day), no October or November meetings needed. We can review this again as the year progresses.

Duane distributed Revenue and Disbursements spreadsheets. He stated that we have $5,231.73 in our account.

We reviewed sales of notecards, drawers, etc. Celina will look for broken roof slates that perhaps Debbie could paint for selling at the Plant Sale.

Polly did some comparison shopping for the tables, since we had thought $1,100 each was expensive, but she found that it was actually a good deal for the quality. If we give $2,500 plus the $250 from the quilt auction, we’ll contribute a total $2,750. Celina will go ahead and order two tables for around $2,200.

Duane suggested that the Board should agree on a minimum amount that we keep in our account and do not overspend; we may need to pay deposits for trips, etc. We’ll have membership revenue coming in but there’s not other fundraising in the near future. We agreed that we should always try to keep around $2,500 in the account.

Sam helped Duane set up Amazon Smile, so if someone buys something on Amazon, he/she can select a tiny donation to the RFPL. We should publicize this at the Annual Meeting.


There are no new requests.


ADJOURNMENT—Meeting was adjourned at 12:25 p.m.


Jennifer Silver, Secretary

Friends of the Library Meeting DRAFT Minutes: October 20, 2014

OCTOBER 20, 2014
3:00 PM

Present: Duane Whitehead (Treasurer), Kathy Michel, Betty Haggerty, Polly Montgomery (Chair person), Elayne Clift, Celina Houlne, Anne Dempsey

Chairperson Polly called the meeting to order at 3:10 PM. There was not a quorum present.

The minutes of the September 27, 2014 meeting were approved. It was clarified that our $500 for programming is paid as a lump sum, not “as needed”.

Elayne stated that she will not be able to attend the fall state wide meeting for Library Trustees and Friends groups. Polly will be going. (Nov. 1, Killington)



Anne recapped what she has done on this. She has contacted Howard Coffin, Civil War historian, about the possibility of having this program. Perhaps, as a VT. Humanities Council speaker, he will do this for a reduced fee. It was suggested that Rick Angers , BF Opera House coordinator, be contacted to perhaps show the film “Lincoln”, as a matinee feature, and that Eric Bye be contacted to participate (re-enactment contact). Several Friday- Saturday dates from late March through April were suggested; film on Friday, lecture on Saturday. Duane suggested showing a documentary on Appomattox/Lee’s surrender. Sam Maskell knows about obtaining a license to show this. FOL will provide food.

  • FOL WEEK, OCT.19-25

Sam will be asked to post information about this on the website…Facebook….  It is a good time to boost membership.

  • HOLIDAY PARTY AND RAFFLE—DECEMBER 6  12-1:30 PM (note change in time)

There were several suggestions for obtaining prizes for the raffle. (Polly wrote them down) She will ask the Trustees to donate or solicit prizes. Tickets will be $1 each, 6 for $5. FOL board members and others should sell these starting asap/available at the front desk. (need to know what at least some of the prizes are) Elayne will ask Carol Wood if she will provide background harp music. FOL members and possibly Trustees will provide food—Polly to ask Trustees.


Date: February 7, 2015     storm date, February 21

Elayne and Polly recapped the trip. We broke even on it. The bus was uncomfortable for some; it was suggested that we use a coach next time/more expensive. All in all, the trip was a good success. A press release should be forthcoming in the Message.

Polly will attend and report on our activities and fund raising. Celina plans to attend.

Duane handed out the revenue report through Sept. 30, 2014. Current balance: $5205.00
Polly spoke of the Amazon Smile program, whereby customers can designate FOL as a
recipient of .5% of the purchase price. This would be deposited into our checking account. She gave Duane the paper work to enroll us in the program.

Duane asked about our work and offered suggestions for ways to expand our mission.
Much of what he asked about is being accomplished either by FOL or the library itself. He stated that forming a few committees for specific purposes might be helpful. We could—perhaps should—seek ways to engage the entire membership in our projects and programs.
Delegating tasks would be helpful. We should promote reading of REAL books. New ideas may be forthcoming from the Fall conference.


Celina showed the pictures which Nancy Kovaleff helped choose for the 2015
calendar. It will soon be printed for sale at $12.

NEXT MEETING---it was decided that details for the Holiday Party can be worked out via email, etc.
Point persons: FOOD—Kathy    RAFFLE---Polly
MEETING: JANUARY 10, 2015   TIME TBD   STORM DATE: JANUARY 17  (contingent upon Celina’s checking on room availability)
Meeting adjourned  4:50 PM

Board members stayed after the meeting to sign letters to go to FOL members whose membership has lapsed.

Betty Haggerty, Secretary pro tem</p>

Friends of the Library Meeting Agenda: June 14, 2014
Friends of the Library
June 14th
10:30 a.m.
Meeting Room, 2n fl., RFPL


1. Approval of Minutes

2. Programs/Events

i. Book Sale, Grand Opening and Plant Sale Reports
ii. Vt. African American Heritage Trail Trip

3. Treasurer’s Report

4. Librarians Report, Requests

5. Other Old Business/New Business
i. Thank yous
ii. Membership reminders
iii. Newsletter? Mailchimp

6. Next Meeting & Adjourn
Friends of the Library Meeting Minutes: June 14, 2014
JUNE 14, 2014

Present: Polly Montgomery (Chairperson), Duane Whitehead (Treasurer), Nancy Kovaleff, Pat Fowler, Jennifer Silver (Secretary). (Betty Haggerty and Kathy Michel had informed Polly that they could not attend.) A quorum (five members) was not present.

Chairperson Polly Montgomery called the meeting to order at 10:35 AM.

The minutes of the Apr. 17, 2014, Annual Meeting could not be approved without a quorum, so the approval was tabled until the next meeting.

Polly reported the following information about the completed Book Sale:
It was a lot of work, especially by Arnold, Polly, Nancy, Betty, the librarians and volunteers. $1,390.50 was netted, a good profit.

Duane’s current (unofficial) amount for the drawers was $72, which should go into the FOL coffer, not the Library’s. Nancy proposed doing an estimate of volunteer hours for future reference. This year was different from past years, with 2-3 days of set-up.

Pat suggested resuming the practice of sorting book donations periodically over the course of the year, to reduce the last-minute work required.

Polly stated that almost all the leftover books were sent to recycling, so next time we’ll be starting nearly fresh.

We could possibly do a second book sale in January or February, with coffee, etc. Pat pointed out that the Book Sale used to be part of Library Week (in April); that’s why we have it then. This year it was delayed because of the Grand Opening. We will consider having it in winter.

Polly noted that the Grand Opening went very well. Pat and Carolyn worked hard on it.

Pat heard feedback that it was very well-received; people enjoyed the food, and it brought the community together and removed all doubt that the Library is open!

The raffle brought in approximately $400.

The approximate profit was $600, not including the raffle, which brought in approximately $58.

Polly stated that she had already sent thank you letters to donors (Julie Messervy, Morningstar, Harlow’s, Allen Bros., etc.). The letters also serve as receipts for tax purposes.

The timing of the sale was discussed. Earlier in the year would be better, after Mother’s Day/Walpole plant sale and before Memorial Day. The person-hours of work were estimated as follows: Friday pricing and set-up took 3 hours and involved Nancy Kovaleff, Arnold Clift and Polly Montgomery. The Plant Sale on Saturday, which ran from 8 a.m. until noon, involved Susan and Ed Warner (7 a.m. set-up); Kathy Michel and Betty Haggerty (cash box); Nancy Kovaleff, Polly Montgomery, Arnold Clift (sales and questions), and Alma Beals (plant questions and hosting the two Master Gardeners) during the morning. Other Friends of the Library dropped by to shop and support the sale. It worked well to have plants brought into the staging area indoors ahead of time. There were not many plants left over.

Polly suggested that we might incorporate something informational in the morning, such as a speaker. Nancy said that people really just want to get their plants and do their other errands or planting. We might, however, do a bake sale. We could ask the Trustees. Maybe Allen Bros. would donate donuts. There was unanimous agreement to continue holding the sale.

Elayne couldn’t attend today’s meeting, but she told Polly that she hadn’t had luck partnering with VA. She was thinking that perhaps it should be done as a library event, not with a school.

The trip should take place in the middle of October, as the sites close at the end of October. Elayne returns from her travels October 5. Polly asked who wants to head it up. Duane asked about community interest. Nancy and Pat: It’s important to have school interest, and schools often do not commit to their curriculum until late summer. It might be necessary to plan two years out. We might need to get teachers on board first. Nancy: It might be good to have a couple talks in the fall to build interest and then plan the trip for the next year. We could also reach out to other libraries to partner.

Pat will see if there is interest at the high school. There may also still be interest at VA. Duane thinks we should include middle school age groups as well. Consensus seemed to be that we should involve schools so as to honor our mission of education. The librarians should also be included (Celina, Nancy as research librarian). This may take long-range planning, not necessarily for this or next year. Pat found a document packet on slavery from the Vermont Council on the Humanities (printed packet is in Minutes binder).

Dwight wondered if there is an African-American organization in Vermont that we can turn to. It was decided that we would take this on as a long-range project, proceeding only with interest from other individuals and organizations.

Duane stated that we have $4,919.00 in our account.

His estimated (unofficial) breakdown of recent income is as follows:
• Book bags $73 (May 2, June 5 and June 11)
• Calendars $24 (May 16)
• Debbi’s painted drawers $72 (May 2)
• Membership over $300 (many people signed up around May 2 to take advantage of book sale preview)
• Plant Sale $600
• Raffles $458 (May 16 and June 5)

Duane said that Mary has software for a spreadsheet. Duane will bring transaction dates and figures to our next meeting.

There were no librarians present.

Polly wrote a thank you to Marty, the raffle-winner who donated back her raffle winnings.

Membership reminders: tabled until next meeting.

Newsletter/MailChimp: We will export the Excel email list. Jennifer should get Excel spreadsheet for Friends (past and current) from Mary Van Hartesveldt to create newsletter email list. Duane will get membership list from Mary as well.

Committees: Duane asked Polly if, when she became President, there were any established committees. Nancy thinks not, just informal subcommittees (ad hoc) for special events. Reading the By-laws, Dwight noted that Friends can establish committees. Polly said that there could be a Membership Committee and/or a Hospitality Committee (baking cookies, etc.). Duane suggested a fundraising committee. Polly will put forming committees on the agenda for the next meeting.

Old Home Days: Pat said that in the past, the Library has participated. Sam has put a Lego table out and face-painting, etc., but Sam will be away this year. Can FOL maintain the Lego booth on August 2? We could also sell tote bags, etc., and put out a donation pitcher. We will consider this at our next meeting.

NEXT MEETING—SCHEDULED FOR MONDAY, JULY 14, 2014, 4:00 P.M. AT THE LIBRARY. The meeting date was subsequently rescheduled for THURSDAY, AUGUST 14, 2014, 4:00 P.M. AT THE LIBRARY.

ADJOURNMENT—Meeting was adjourned at 11:50 a.m.

Jennifer Silver, Secretary
Meeting Minutes: April 17, 2014
APRIL 17, 2014

Present: Polly Montgomery (Chairperson), Kathy Michel (Vice Chair), Duane Whitehead (Treasurer), Arnold Clift, Elayne Clift, Betty Haggerty, Nancy Tusinski, Nancy Kovaleff, Jennifer Silver (Secretary). Absent: Donna Stevens.

Chairperson Polly Montgomery called the meeting to order at 4:30 PM.

The minutes of the Mar. 22, 2014, Annual Meeting were approved, with the addition of the date of the May Grand Opening.

Betty reported the following information about the upcoming Book Sale:

Initial set-up will be Fri., April 18 from 12:30-2:30. Ellen has 4 volunteers lined up to move books upstairs and organize them. The other set-up time is Monday, April 21, from 10:30-12:30.

The Friends’ Preview will take place Fri, Apr. 25. Betty and Debby Wetzel have signed up; Elayne Clift also volunteered. Volunteers should be there 5-7 (possibly a bit later). Two staff members will be there as well.

Nancy asked about pricing. Nancy estimated: 50 cents for trade paperback, $1 for softcover, $2 for hardcover, 25 or 50 cents for children’s books, $1 or $2 for DVD and audiobooks. There will also be a special table for coffee-table books and other special items. On Sat. Apr. 26, there will be 3 shifts at 10-11:30, 11:30-1, and 1-3. These shifts are filled except 1-3, for which Arnold volunteered. Betty has not scheduled any coverage for that week after Saturday. Nancy stated that Wednesday, April 30, will be the bag sale (busiest time). We haven’t advertised times yet for Mon-Wed.; we discussed possible times and decided on 10-1 on Monday morning, 12-3 on Tuesday afternoon, then 4-7 on Wednesday. Using the honor system if we aren’t fully staffed is a possibility; Nancy will check with staff. Jennifer will run a Doodlepoll to get more volunteers and cc Nancy, Sam, and Ellen.

Polly asked about the Friends sign-up brochures to have on hand during the sale; Nancy will see if we have any and print more if we don’t. Merchandise: totebags and calendars with the old logos are available; we can charge half-price for those. We also have notecards.

Kathy and Donna went to the Committee meeting (the next meeting is on Monday, April 21). Kathy reported.

They didn’t talk about a name for the event; “Grand Opening” would probably be fine.

Kathy has a sign-up sheet which she will send to Jennifer to disseminate. Nancy will have Mary send the Excel spreadsheet to Jennifer and Polly.

On Thurs., May 8, there will be light refreshments 6-7 pm, before speaker Bill Hosley from 7-8pm. All Grand Opening events are free. FOL should bring appetizers or cookies. Alan Fowler will be showing his slideshow and displaying his photos.

Friday, May 9: During the day, there will be tours of the building, special story time and kids’ crafts, movie night in the Program Room (The Book Thief) with popcorn, Trustees providing water, cups, and napkins. Help is needed with set-up and clean-up before and after movie.

Saturday, May 10: Drinks for 200 people, cups and plates. Ray Massucco is buying a sheet cake for 100 people. Need 10 people to make cakes for “Musical Desserts.” Carolyn and Pat are seeking donations from restaurants (e.g., a tray of food). We need cut flowers. There will be tours and a ribbon-cutting at noon (not sure yet who’s doing it). Sam is notifying the press. Jill Newton and Al Partridge will play music from 11-1. There will not be a grill with Cota & Cota, just donated food.

Nancy is planning an Adopt-a-Plant fundraiser for the landscaping.

We won’t have a new sign or even be able to renovate the current one because it’s so rotten. Frank Hawkins no longer does sign-painting. We’ll need a new sign, but Buildings & Grounds will handle it.

Advertising will be done in-house by Sam and Nancy. Duane asked if we’re going to do a mailing. The Trustees, not FOL, are hosting the event. Nancy can send an email to the FOL (“The Trustees invite you to…”). Nancy can use Elayne’s article about Carnegie library history. A 50/50 raffle will run for three days, with 6 tickets for $5 or $1 each. FOL will organize it, selling tickets at the desk and events. We might have tickets, or Pat Fowler might. Arnold will take charge of it.

In the kids’ room: Story Time and face-painting 10-2. Volunteers are creating decorations and displays.

Polly said that Kathy could tap Donna Stevens for help if she needs it.

The Plant Sale will take place May 31, starting with set-up at 7:30 a.m. Doors open at 8 and close at noon (or when sold out), in front of library. We’ll use library tables and tent.

Kathy will call Master Gardeners.

Jennifer will call Morningstar Nursery to see if they can donate any plants (to augment donations from FOL and community members) and Susie Peters. Polly will talk to Allen Brothers. Nancy will talk to Harlow’s, and Arnold will contact Walker’s.

Polly suggested forming a subcommittee to organize the plant sale. Nancy and Arnold will help, and Alma probably will, too. Polly will contact Alma.

Sam will make a plant sale poster that can be showed at the Opera House, etc. There’s a wooden sign from last year that we can probably use. Betty might have notes on pricing. The subcommittee will determine these things.

Nancy said that we might be able to get leftovers from the Walpole plant sale. Polly will scout the Walpole sale to learn from them. We’ll have new logo merchandise to sell, too.

Elayne met with Erin Cohn, history teacher at Vermont Academy. They have school buses (capacity 44?), as well as smaller vehicles, all fully insured. If we use the big bus, we’ll have to pay the driver.

Elayne’s article will be in the Fall issue of Vermont magazine. Erin will get back to Elayne with details. If Elayne attends, she would have to do it before Sept. 12. The trip could also take place later, in foliage season. September 6 is a possibility, but it might need to wait until after VA gets underway.

The three best sites are near Burlington, so it would be a full-day (Saturday) trip. All of them are docented exhibits. We could make box lunches for attendees.

For VA students, it would be a field trip, so they won’t be required to pay, but proceeds from ticket sales from adults would go to FOL. Elayne will spearhead the event and write up the publicity. It might be good to tie in a common read book.

Nancy reported that Debby Wetzel completed painting of drawers for display at the book sale. Polly suggested that we ask her what she would charge for them at a craft fair to get an idea for pricing.

A motion was approved to move the FOL bank account from TD Bank to People’s Bank so as not to have $1,500 tied up in the Paypal account. The new account will be activated on April 18, 2014, with Duane Whitehead and Polly Montgomery as signers.

Two spending requests were approved, as follows:
• A total of $350 for family passes to the Vermont Institute of Natural Science (VINS) ($150) and the Cheshire Children’s Museum in Keene, NH ($200).
• $107.15 for a period-style wall clock for the RFPL meeting room


ADJOURNMENT—Meeting was adjourned at 6:15 p.m.

Jennifer Silver, Secretary
Meeting Minutes: March 22, 2014
MARCH 22, 2014

Present: Polly Montgomery (Chairperson), David Gould (outgoing Treasurer), Donna Stevens, Betty Haggerty, Celina Houlne, Kathy Michel (Vice Chair), Sam Maskell, Nancy Kovaleff, Carolyn Frisa, Pat Fowler, Duane Whitehead, Jennifer Silver (Secretary)

Chairperson Polly Montgomery called the meeting to order at 10:35 AM. Introductions were made. Polly congratulated Sam for the Active Community Engagement Award. Seven of the eight board members were present (Arnold was in Florida).

The minutes of the Feb. 22, 2014, Annual Meeting were approved.

Duane Whitehead was elected Treasurer.

Carolyn distributed notes for the celebration and requested input. The event will be a joint effort of Library staff, trustees, and FOL. Carolyn led discussion of the following topics:

1. A new name for the event: Grand Opening was approved. Duane said we should add “The New Carnegie Renovation Library” or “an original Carnegie library,” as Bill Hosley’s talk will focus on Carnegie libraries. This will be decided.
2. Other libraries will be invited; we can offer accommodations in FOL homes.
3. Carolyn requested two FOL volunteers: Kathy Michael and Donna Stevens volunteered. From board: Pat and Carolyn will help, maybe others. Nancy and Sam from the library staff will help.
4. Bill Hosley (architectural historian, active in preservation community with ties to VT) will give a talk on renovation of historic libraries and their importance in the 20th century.
5. Timing issue: to get liquor license, we need Selectboard approval at their meeting April 1. Gary Smith/Popolo would be happy to do it for minimum staffing cost. Next Library Trustees meeting is April 8, so we should firm up details by then. Committee will also need to discuss music.
6. Price range for tickets: $20-25 (possibly with first drink free.)
7. The Plant Sale will be kept separate (discussion of moving it later because spring is so late this year).
8. Carolyn will work on thinking of a commemorative thank you/gratitude display object. Other activities:
• The Chamber of Commerce has the big scissors for a ribbon-cutting. • Cake Walk – change the name to “Musical Desserts.” • Cota can loan us a grill; we’d have to run it in the handicapped parking spot. • Alan Fowler will loan us photos from his collection for the oral history project (like NPR’s Story Corps). • Adopt-a-something and updated logo (Carolyn’s husband Garrett will create a customized logo for FOL). • “Let there be light” plaque. • Exterior library sign: Frank Hawkins?—This is Building & Grounds Committee’s responsibility. • PR: Town Facebook page, Opera House ad, postcard, flyers. Secretary sends PR to library membership list (import list into label-printing program.) Carolyn requested feedback: • Pat Fowler suggested making ticketed Friday evening event a fundraiser for a targeted goal. Donna proposed raising money to buy an in-library sound booth. Also mentioned was money for building the landscape designed by JMMDS. The Committee will decide on the goal. • Celina mentioned the painting of the library (which Ray Massucco won and donated back)—we have prints for sale for $47 and postcards, etc.; we could use some for raffle prizes. • Duane asked if the Governor be part of this, or any other state government reps? Sam will look into it. • Nancy suggested choosing library colors, so bunting and anything else ordered will be consistent. • Celina said that FOL will have to approve buying merchandise, because FOL will raise the money and use it to buy something for the library. FOL are the fiduciary agent (fundraising arm); for trips, they conduct the event, raise the money, and donate it back to the library.

1. Book Sale, Sat., April 26 from 9-3 – The Library runs the sale; FOL volunteers help to staff the sale. FOL gets a preview on Friday (6-8 pm). Takes place in upstairs room for one week. Every year we buy a couple more tables (paid for by FOL). This week press will go out about the sale along with requests for donations. Four FOL volunteers needed from 4-9 or so on Friday the 25th; Betty and Nancy volunteered.
2. Plant Sale – May 31, 7:30 a.m. Master Gardener volunteers – Michele Delhaye and others. Tie plant sale into dedication of landscape. Pat Fowler offered to donate some of her proceeds from the JMM book event to the library.
3. NY Trip – tabled
4. 4. VT African Amer. Heritage – Polly will contact Elayne Clift and present information at the next meeting.

David Gould stated that there is $2,897.00 in the bank account and $1,500.02 in the Paypal account. There has been no Paypal activity since May 2013. The total includes a donation of $85.43 from the Library Support Group (surplus from the Trustees’ campaign). The Paypal account was set up a couple years ago with intention to use for purchases, trips, and merchandise, but it hasn’t been used. It could, however; we should populate our store so people can buy library merchandise. Duane said People’s Bank has no Paypal minimum for non-profit organizations; he’ll check on this. Do we want to change banks? He will make sure there are no fees, discuss with Polly, and we’ll vote at the next meeting. When we open the new account, Duane will need to provide minutes showing Polly and Duane’s election. It was decided that Polly and Duane will be signers on the bank account.

Polly will file the biennial report by April 30.

Two new tables needed for book sale. Sam will order them. A motion was made to reimburse the cost up to $500. (Last year two tables cost $459.98). Approved.

Duane requested a copy of the Bylaws and the officer/trustee contact list. Sam will ask Mary van Hartesveldt to email it to Duane. Clock: We need a nice wooden clock for the upstairs room where it can be seen from anywhere in the room. It has to work and not need maintenance or winding. Sam will research and make a proposal at the next meeting.

We discussed approving funds for purchasing promotional merchandise, such as tote bags, thumb drives, etc., with the library logo, which will be approved prior to our next meeting. Garrett will have the order ready to send as soon as the Trustees approve the logo by email. There was discussion of which items we’d like to sell and an expenditure of up to $500 on merchandise was approved. Sam will work with Garet on it.

ADJOURNMENT—Meeting was adjourned at 12:17 p.m.


Jennifer Silver, Secretary
Annual Meeting Minutes: February 22, 2014
FEBRUARY 22, 2014

Present: Nancy Kovaleff, Elayne Clift, Arnold Clift, David Gould, Pat Fowler, Donna Stevens, Marta Deacon, Polly Montgomery, Stephen Geller, Celina Houlne, Carol Blackwood, Betty Haggerty

Interim Chairperson, Nancy Kovaleff, called the meeting to order at 10:17 AM. A quorum was present. Introductions were made. David stated that he does not want to continue serving as FOL Treasurer; his replacement will be found.

• 2013 activities report
Betty Haggerty prepared a 2013 recap of FOL activities/income/disbursements. She gave each person a handout of this report and led discussion of it. All was accurate with the exception of having disbursed funds for the KOBO Arc e-reader for the raffle; in fact, Pat Fowler donated the KOBO Arc.

• 2014 planned programs/events
1. Plant/book sale—discussion of this annual event led to the suggestion of forming a committee to set details. The date was previously set for May 17; a change may be made.
2. NYC trip—Debbie Wetzel will be asked about possibilities. Musical plays are the most popular.
3. Antiques Road Show—this may be pursued. It was previously discussed and would be done with the help of the Windham Antique Center personnel.
4. VT. African-American Heritage Trail Elayne led discussion, saying that the sites are generally open May-Oct. She highlighted a few that are most worth seeing. She has been in contact with Susie Peters, who says that Vt. Academy is quite likely to be interested in collaborating on this trip. Elayne’s article on this historic trail has appeared in the Boston Globe and will appear in VT Magazine, providing good promotion for a fall trip.
5. Other--Celina led discussion on general ideas for programming at RFPL

David distributed three handouts: Jan. statement, Feb. statement and a recap of 2013 income and spending.

Arnold made mention of the recent contribution to FOL from the residual funds raised for the Library Support Group’s “Trustees You Can Trust” campaign. There was discussion regarding the PayPal account which FOL maintains. It provides opportunities to pay for memberships and merchandise, to make donations and so forth on line. Celina encouraged FOL to continue having this account; the new board will make a determination. Statement was accepted.


The minutes of the Nov. 7, 2013 meeting were approved with the correction of the spelling of “present”. Minutes of the February 20, 2013 annual meeting were approved.


Elayne made note that the Trustees, in conjunction with the library staff, are mandated to do this every few years. It is scheduled to happen this Spring. FOL may be involved.

Nominations for officers to serve the ensuing year were brought forth as follows:
• President—Polly Montgomery
• Vice President—Kathy Michel
• Secretary—Jennifer Silver
• Treasurer—to be determined
• Board members to serve for two years: Arnold Clift, Donna Stevens, Nancy Kovaleff, Betty Haggerty

MOTION: Elayne moved, David seconded to elect the full slate. Passed unanimously Pat Fowler will serve as liaison to FOL from the Board of Trustees.

SECRETARY OF STATE LETTER Betty stated that the Biennial Report notice has been received; the new board will file the report by April 30, 2014.

ARTS COUNCIL OF WINDHAM COUNTY REQUEST David has received a request for a donation to the annual Student Art Show from this organization. By consensus, FOL will not make a donation as the group does not fit its mission statement.

OPEN MEETING LAW Arnold reminded us that since we are not a public agency , we are not held to complying with the Open Meeting Law or with public records requests. It was agreed to continue making our meeting minutes available to the public. Minutes are available on the library website and hard copies are available at the library.

ADJOURNMENT—meeting was adjourned at 11:35 AM

NEXT MEETING—TENTATIVELY SCHEDULED FOR MARCH 29, 2014 10 AM AT THE LIBRARY Polly will contact the board members to confirm a date.

Betty Haggerty, Secretary
MINUTES: May 16, 2013
Friends of the Library Board Meeting
May 16, 2013
Mandigo Road, Saxtons River

PRESENT: Elayne Clift, Arnold Clift, Susan Lampe-Wilson, Susan Warner, Nancy Kovaleff, Célina Houlné, David Gould Absent: Pat Fowler, Betty Haggerty

Minutes by Susan Lampe-Wilson in Betty Haggerty’s absence

CALL TO ORDER: 5:40 p.m.

April 4 Minutes approved with correction: change Elaybe to Elayne. Moved by: David, seconded: Arnold

Plant & Book Sale Report: Follow up was given by Susan W. Sale was an easy one, $273 was raised for the library. Plants were gone by noon.

Suggestions for next year: Hold the sale 8 a.m. until plants are gone.

Book Sale raised $520 and the leftover books were donated to Louise Loring and the AAUW.

SEVCA: The SEVCA tag sale date is September 21 or 28th. Discussion regarding beginning sale for the Christmas raffle at the sale, as we did last year with the purchase of a camera to raffle.

A motion was made by Susan W. to purchase a Nook for the Christmas Raffle and start the sale of tickets at the SEVCA event. Seconded by Nancy. Motion passes unanimously.

Heritage Trail Trip: Elayne contacted Compass School to co-sponsor the trip but had not heard back. However it was also proposed to Mary Hepburn of Vermont Academy and she was interested. The trip organization was tabled until Fall.

Antiques Road Show Event: Tabled for recent ambiguity of whether the library is open during renovation. Planning would take away from the FORL current focus on keeping it open to the public.

Other Fundraising Events:
NYC: Susan LW and Debbi Wetzel will get together to discuss a NYC trip with a show.

A Berkshires Rockwell trip was also suggested with lunch at the Red Lion and a visit to the Rockwell Museum

Balance in account: $4,194.72
Balance in PayPal account: $325.00

PayPal status: David brought out that the PayPal account was being charged $25 a month by TD Bank for upkeep. He recommend two alternatives: One to close the account, the second to bring the account balance up to $1,500 to keep from receiving the monthly charges. Discussion followed. Susan LW spoke to the initial purpose of the FOL PayPal account was to sell Rockingham Library merchandise, allow Friend’s dues to be done on-line thereby reaching potential members that may not be in the area or would rather use a credit card for payment, or to collect donations by web.

Question raised: Would keeping the $1,500 in the account lock up too much money?

It was suggested account remain open as we look for better bank pricing at Peoples’ United or Walpole Savings. Elayne offered to talk to Peoples and Nancy will look into Walpole Savings.

Motion by Nancy was made to investigate other bank options for the PayPal account. Failing to do that FOL will add the additional funds to get the balance up to the $1,500 amount required. Seconded: David. Motion passed.

Discussion was continued from Wednesday, May 15th gathering at the Hewitts.

Arnold handed out a draft of possible talking points for Letters to the Editor assembled as discussed Wednesday.

Arnold presented the Deputy Secretary of State Brian Leven’s faxed response to the letter agreed on at the previous meeting. (attached) Though the Deputy Secretary of State explained the Vermont Secretary of States’ Office to enforce laws pertaining to local boards, he confirmed the decision to close the Library by the Trustees was a non-binding vote and thereby holds no weight and the action of closing the Library could be the subject of a legal challenge in Superior Court. (attached)

Arnold will contact the Superior Court clerk to see what non-binding means and how we might go about challenging the action.

A decision was made to contact Tom MacPhee interim town manager as representative for the Town Select board and ask if the decision is non-binding is the building open to the public on Monday, May 20 rather then closed as decided by the Board of Trustees? Elayne had a call into him already.

Meeting was adjourned so more information can be gathered before a decision can be made and a course of action decided on.

Next meeting Friday, May 17 at 4:30 at the Clift’s Mandigo Road, Saxtons River


Attachments (2):
Deputy Secretary of State Letter Draft
Issues relating to the Rockingham Public Library
Response from the Attorney General’s office
Treasurer’s Report

MINUTES: April 4, 2013
APRIL 4, 2013

PRESENT: Elayne Clift, Sue Lampe-Wilson, David Gould, Pat Fowler, Betty Haggerty, Nancy Tusinski, Carol Blackwood, Mary Lou Gould, Mary Brandt, Debbi Wetzel, Leslie Lassetter, librarians Celina Houlne, Ed Graves

Introductions were made, since there were many, non board members and friends present.

Elaybe officially called the meeting to order at 5:40 PM. A quorum was present. The minutes of the Feb. 20, 2013 annual meeting were approved with one addition: Elayne spoke of the VT. African-American Heritage Trail which is being developed here in Vermont. She has been asked to write an article about it for Vt. Magazine and possibly for the Boston Globe.

PROGRAMS • April Field Trip—trip to Boston and the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum was cancelled due to lack of participation. There was lengthy discussion about how to better promote our trips: earlier publicity with deadline for sign ups, having a speaker relative to the trip present a program before the event, look into other bus tour companies, buy a block of spaces on a bus rather than trying to sell all seats. It was felt that FOL should take this arm of fundraising over from the Trustees and a letter of our intent will be sent to the them. Sue L-W and Debbi Wetzel agreed to be on a committee to work with Celina to formulate trip plans in the future.

• Plant and book sale—MAY 11, 2013
Celina will ask the Masonic Association for permission to use the Temple yard for the sale. Ed will contact the Master Gardeners. Nancy, Susan, and Alma will be the coordinators of the plant sale. Trustees will head up the book sale and possibly a food sale. If permission is obtained, books will be inside if we have inclement weather (or not at all). Pat said people can leave plants at her Green St. home.

• World Book Night—Celina and Pat outlined the plans for this annual event, scheduled for April 28.

• Fall Bake Sale-- led to discussion of holding a fundraiser at the I-91 Welcome Center

Celina will check into available dates and details about how this event may happen. We will not hold a fall bake sale.

• SEVCA Flea Market—either Sept. 21 or 28. We will participate with our merchandize and information.

1) VT. African-American Heritage Trail trip---possibly in the fall
Elayne suggested that we might find a school to co-sponsor this, thereby sharing the cost. Elayne will contact VA and the Compass School.
2) “Antiques Roadshow” fundraiser Ed outlined the information he has put together for this event. He has lined up four area antique appraisers who will not charge to do appraisals. The event is set for May 30, 6-9 PM, at the library, although an alternative site may be found. It is suggested that we charge a flat fee of $10 for people to bring 2-5 items for appraisal. We may try to coordinate radio station coverage for this. There was discussion of having wine and cheese and the logistics of that will be explored further. Ed stated that there are upfront costs associated with this type of event. MOTION: Sue L-W moved, Betty seconded to advance $150 for this fundraiser. PASSED UNANIMOUSLY.
3) Opening Party---on hold

MEMBERSHIP—no change from previous meeting report
Elayne showed the flyer about recruiting members, with an emphasis on having a 50th person join. These will be available at the library and placed around the communities.

TREASURER’S STATEMENT—David stated that the current balance in the checking account is $5110.97. The PayPal account has a balance of $450.02 MOTION: it was moved and seconded to authorize David to reimburse John Medeiros $190 for the upfront costs for the museum trip which he paid. Passed.

Celina showed the new projector which FOL purchased and requested that we buy a compatible stand with storage space with some of the money coming from what was left from the projector purchase. MOTION: Sue L-W moved, Pat seconded to appropriate an additional $40 for the purchase of the stand. Passed unanimously.

Museum and parks passes: MOTION: Sue L-W moved, Betty seconded to appropriate $150 to renew the passes for use by the community. Passed unanimously.

Celina stated that there is to be a special Rockingham Select Board meeting on Friday, April 5, 9:30 AM, Lower Theater, to discuss the scope of the renovation project, all in an effort to get it underway again. She will forward the minutes of this meeting to us. Elayne read Town Manager, Tim Cullenen’s, response to her letter, on behalf of FOL, supporting the completion the project. Ed thanked FOL for its support of an upcoming Vt Humanities program featuring fiddler, Charles Ross Taggert, impersonating Adam Boyce. This will take place on May 13 at RFPL.

Meeting adjourned, 6:58 PM

NEXT MEETING: MAY 16, 2013 5:30 PM

Betty Haggerty, Secretary
MINUTES: November 7, 2012

NOVEMBER 7, 2012

PRESENT: Elayne Clift, Arnold Clift, Sue Lampe-Wilson, Susan Warner, Nancy Kovaleff, John Medeiros,
Betty Haggerty, librarians Celina Houlne, Samantha Maskell, Ed Graves

Susan opened the meeting at 10:04 AM. A quorum was present. The minutes of the September 28, 2012 meeting were approved as presented. President Elayne then assumed leadership of the meeting. New Public Services Librarian, Ed Graves, introduced himself; board members did likewise.


  • “Be a Friend, Bring a Friend” event—October 18, 2012   Popolo Restaurant

Feedback from non-member attendees was presented, as ideas for another similar event are helpful. There were new people in attendance. Vinnie DiBernardo’s background music was nice. Although it was not billed as a fundraiser, we made about $300. Five people joined FOL for the first time; two people renewed their membership at the event. At a meeting subsequent to the Sept. 28th board meeting, some board members opted to pay for extra food platters. This was in addition to the food the FOL treasury paid for. The idea of having 1-2 smaller events like this, annually, both at the library and off site, was discussed. The event was deemed a good success.

  • SEVCA Flea Market—September 29, 2012

This is not a large fundraiser for FOL but it does provide good visibility for us. A few calendars were sold. Raffle tickets for the camera and other prizes TBD were sold.

  • New York City theater trip—November 10, 2012

Fifty tickets for this bus trip to Radio City Music Hall were sold.

  • Holiday Party—December 8, 1-3 PM at the library

Debbie Wetzel has purchased a holiday tree. Sam’s department children will make origami decorations; the children will be recognized for their work. In addition to the camera for the raffle, with winners to be drawn at the party, board members agreed to ask for or purchase gift certificates from area merchants and restaurants. Sue L-W: Moore’s Inn, Susan: Saxtons River Inn, Nancy: Pleasant Valley Brewery, Elayne: Burdick’s (Walpole) and Offerings (Putney), Betty: Lisai’s. Refreshments--  Sue L-W: brownies and soda, Susan: cheese and crackers, Elayne: shrimp, Betty: punch and paper goods, Arnold: finger sandwiches. Celina will ask Trustees for refreshment contributions. Storm date for the party is December 15.

  • Upcoming/future programs

April—bus trip TBD, May—plant sale, June—party to celebrate the completion of the renovation project



Betty reported that there are currently 35 members.

TREASURER’S STATEMENT—and other discussion items
John handed out the spreadsheet of the October transactions and led discussion. The checkbook
balance was $5,790.05. Celina led discussion on other “money” issues, namely the possible purchase
of items to sell at the library. Sam explained the updates to the website, which includes a shopping
option, and her plans to add more items for on line purchasing. MOTION: Susan moved, Sue L-W
seconded, to allocate $500 to purchase more items to sell at the library. Motion passed unanimously.
New items will be in addition to the tote bags, calendars, and notecards currently for sale. Suggested
items included flash drives and mugs. Celina and staff members will select items. 

It was decided that FOL should not take on an active role with the Trustees issues at this point.

LIBRARIAN UPDATE AND REQUESTS—none, other than as outlined under Treasurer’s statement


Meeting adjourned—11:20 AM



Betty Haggerty, Secretary  

MINUTES: September 28, 2012

PRESENT: Sue Lampe-Wilson, Susan Warner, Arnold Clift, Nancy Kovaleff, Betty Haggerty, Celina

In the absence of President, Elayne Clift, Vice President, Susan Warner called the meeting to order
at 9:01 AM. A quorum was present. The minutes of the July 16, 2012 meeting were approved as

This event is scheduled for Thursday, October 18, 4-6 PM, at Popolo Restaurant/event space. Details
were discussed. The restaurant will provide three appetizers and FOL members will bring appetizers,
if permitted by the restaurant. Susan will speak with Gary Smith, owner, about details for the
There was discussion about the price of alcoholic drinks and whether or not attendees will be given
one free drink. Generally, there will be a cash bar. FOL will possibly pay for soft drinks. There
will be no prizes for joining. Celina has sent out the advertising and has placed posters at the
Opera House and on movie screen there.
Celina and Sue L-W will set up the Friends’ booth. Information about the library and the Friends
will be available. Candy bars will be sold. The event takes place between the hours of 9 AM and 2
PM. Members of the group will work in shifts of two hours.
Pat was not in attendance to give a report on the event, held outside her bookstore. It was
generally felt that being there to disseminate information was not worthwhile.
The annual event will take place 1-3 PM. Decisions about refreshments will be made later. We will
have a raffle, with the two largest prizes being a digital camera (to be ordered by the library and
the expense to be absorbed by the Friends), and tickets to Roots on the River (June, 2013),
hopefully donated by Ray Massucco. Sue L-W will ask Ray. Other raffle items, perhaps gift
certificates, will be provided by FOL members (suggested value of $25). Decisions on specific items
will be made later. Raffle tickets for the camera and Roots on the River tickets, if available,
will be sold at the SEVCA event. The Trustees asked if FOL would finance the staff recognition
event, probably a breakfast at The Dish on Main (Saxtons River) or Sunday brunch at Popolo. Celina
will poll the 10 staff members for their preference. MOTION: Sue L- W moved, Susan seconded to
cover breakfast or brunch for the 10 staff members at $12 each. Motion passed unanimously. Gift
baskets for 6 library volunteers will be assembled and given by the staff.
Celina circulated a copy of the 2013 calendar which Nancy has produced. It was stated that FOL
give a vote of thanks to Nancy for her work; Betty will do so.
Betty said that no new members on are record. Hopefully, the Cocktails for a Cause event will spark
interest. Also, if the library can hold a book sale next spring, people will be apt to join for the
privilege of
having a preview the night before the sale opens to the general public.
Treasurer, John Medeiros, was unable to attend the meeting. He sent reports for August and
September to members electronically. The statements were reviewed.
Celina led discussion. Decisions regarding the refinishing of the three tables were put off. FOL
will receive a bill for printing of the new calendars. John M. was authorized to pay Mark Breen
$222 for his program on the solar system/mythology. MOTION: Nancy moved, Sue L-W seconded to
forward $200 to the library for FY 2013 programming. Motion passed unanimously.

Meeting adjourned at 9:49 AM.

MINUTES: July 16, 2012




JULY 16, 2012



PRESENT: Elyane Clift, Susan Warner, John Medeiros, Sue Lampe-Wilson, Arnold Clift, Pat Fowler, Betty Haggerty, Celina Houlne, Head Librarian, Samantha Maskell, Youth Librarian


Elayne opened the meeting at 9:00 AM. A quorum was present. The minutes of the June 11, 2012 meeting were corrected to reflect the ticket price to attend the Nov. 10, 2012 trip to NYC and the Radio City holiday show. Tickets cost $149 each. The minutes were approved as corrected.



  • July 4th report

It was felt that the booth was worth having for the exposure it gave the library and FOL but, as a money maker, it was not worth the time and effort. John stated that FOL made $65.65. It was suggested that we have a float in the parade at this event next year, using children and youth as well, and that we consider having our flyers and materials on someone else’s table. John will reimburse Sue L-W for the candy she bought.

  • Rockingham Old Home Days

Sam Maskell and Pat led discussion. The ROHD committee is having a one day event, primarily in the square which will be closed to traffic. There will not be a carnival as in past years. FOL will join Sam and her youth with a table set up in front of the Village Square Booksellers store for Lego building and face painting activities. FOL members signed up to help in shifts. Our merchandize can be sold inside the store, to avoid paying a fee for the space. John suggested that we have an ongoing theme of “Reading Builds Character” for such events.

  • Website development

Sam presented a review of the library website updates, which will include many FOL listings. It will be interactive for purchasing our items and memberships, using PayPal which is already available. Members offered suggestions for content and usage, especially relative to the receipt of orders and mailing of those. Celina suggested that Mary be the staff person to work with John, as treasurer. Sam asked for ideas for more FOL content. She hopes to have the website running in August of this year. Address:

  • Be a Friend Bring a Friend: Cocktails for a Cause

Elayne has been in contact with Gary at Popolo’s, to set a date and work out details for this event, designed to raise awareness of FOL and to boost membership. The date of Thursday, Oct. 18, 4-6 PM was chosen. Ideas for refreshments were discussed. Elayne and Susan will speak with Gary about having some hors d’oeuvres purchased from the restaurant and some prepared by the members. There will be a cash bar at the restaurant.  Tickets will be $20. The idea is for current FOL members to attend with a potential new member(s). Elayne will ask Vinnie DiBernardo to play background music (with his trio?). It was decided to have a door prize (book) as well as a prize for the 40th or 50th new member who joins. Promotion of the event will be similar to what has been done for the gala dinner---posters…press releases…

  • SEVCA Flea Market---Sept. 29, 2012

We will participate with our items and raffle tickets for certificates or other items, to be drawn at the holiday party in December. Tickets to “Roots on the River” was suggested (Sue L-W to contact Ray Massucco) along with certificates to area stores. FOL members signed up to work in shifts at the flea market.

  • Rockingham Day at the Farmers’ Market---Pat to report back
  • Holiday Party—to be discussed at a future meeting


MEMBERSHIP UPDATE—Betty stated that there has been no change since the June 11 meeting. She sends reminders as needed.



John distributed his report, showing a balance of $6,587.28. The final installment for the NYC trip in the amount of $2,850.50 is due in October. Susan suggested that we consider purchasing an item for the upcoming raffle.



Celina stated that three tables that were located in the museum area and are among the older furnishings of the library will need to be refinished and asked if FOL would consider paying for that. -no firm decision/generally thought to be worthy as a project.






Meeting adjourned: 10:15 AM


Betty Haggerty, Secretary

MINUTES: June 22, 2012



JUNE 11, 2012



PRESENT: Elayne Clift, Arnold Clift, Sue Lampe-Wilson, John Medeiros, Pat Fowler, Betty Haggerty, Celina Houlne, Head Librarian


President Elayne called the meeting to order at 9 AM. A quorum was present. The minutes of the April 2, 2012 meeting were approved as presented.




The plant sale profit was $710; the bake sale netted $64. The Trustees’ book sale profit was not available.

The pricing signage for the plant sale was very helpful. It was suggested that the line up the signs be somewhat reversed another time, so that the pricier plants would be out in front of the cheaper ones.


Pat led discussion of this event and brought forth the application and the criteria for participating. The fee for a booth is $15. It was decided to have a table/booth to promote our products and programs/events and to sell Freeze Pops and frozen candy bars, if permitted by the July 4th committee. Pat will check on that.  Betty will check on borrowing a small freezer from the United Church of Bellows Falls. The library canopy, small table, banner, etc. will be used. Betty will check on buying the popsicles and candy bars at Mr. G’s. Set up will be at 8 AM; electric hook up will be available. Volunteers are needed. Elayne, Arnold, and Betty will set up and cover the booth for the first shift (8-10 AM). Elayne suggested that the Friends’ email group be contacted for more volunteers, and she and Betty will coordinate that. Later shifts for manning the booth are: 10 AM-12PM, and 12-2PM. John offered the use of his hand truck in getting the freezer from the church to the site, using Hugh Haggerty’s truck. Elayne will develop the “Be a Friend-Bring a Friend” brochure for display/pick up at the booth.


Discussion led to scheduling this fund raising event for late Sept./early October, avoiding Columbus Day weekend. Holding it on a Sunday at Popolos in the Square seems likely. Pat will check on the details and report back.

  • HOWARD MOSHER--Pat will get more information on having this author come to the area to speak.
  • SEVCA FLEA MARKET EVENT—Celina will get more information
  • ROCKINGHAM DAY AT THE FARMERS’ MARKET—more information needed 
  • FALL TRIP—Debbie Wetzel, Trustee, has lined up day trip to NYC on Nov. 10. This fund raiser bus trip will take ticket holders ($125/person) to see the Radio City Holiday Show.



Betty reported that the FOL has 28 paid members. Many who have usually singed up in the Spring have not renewed, probably because there was no April book sale at which time the group has usually gathered more members. Reminders to renew are sent out each month, as memberships come due. There will be a solid promotion for members in the fall.



                John distributed his report. $211.98 was approved for the purchase of e-books for the library’s Nooks.



Celina reported that the Trustees are brainstorming ideas for fund raising to cover the costs of “extras” that will be needed for furnishing the library once the building renovations are complete. FOL needs to be involved in this process and these special meetings of the Trustees should be attended by a representative of FOL, the first of which is scheduled for June 14, 7 PM. Celina had no other requests.



We discussed possibilities for further publicity and outreach: advertising on the Opera House screen, promotion through WOOL radio station (Trustee Deb Wright is the contact), the tri-fold poster being developed by Sue Lampe-Wilson, and advertising on FACT-TV, channel 8.

It was decided to donate a print of the library to Debbie Wetzel, who painted the picture.

We brainstormed ideas for holiday raffle items so that tickets for them will be available early in the fall. Certificates to local businesses seem to be the most popular.








Betty Haggerty, Secretary




MINUTES: March 2, 2012
MARCH 2, 2012

PRESENT: Elayne Clift, Susan Warner, Sue Lampe-Wilson, Nancy Kovaleff, Betty Haggerty, Deb Wright, Trustee representative, Celina Houlne, Librarian

Elayne called the meeting to order at 9:10 AM. A quorum was present. The minutes of the annual and regular meeting held on January 28, 2012 were approved as presented.

2ND ANNUAL GALA DINNER (March 24/storm date April 7)

In Elayne’s absence, for prior planning and at the dinner, Susan will be the lead person. The menu and décor (Nancy is chairman) were reviewed. Elayne will contact Pat Fowler for an update on the possibility of having bookmarks as favors. Betty will buy three plants, with Elayne’s contribution, for use on the serving and display tables. Members volunteered to man the display table. Alma Beals will serve as the MC. Susan will provide her with a script. Trustees Jan Mitchell-Love and Debbie Wetzel will speak about the library renovation project. Sue L-W will work up a flyer acknowledging the 2011 businesses and individuals who contributed to the Friends’ and library’s programs and fund raisers. It was suggested that we ask Pat Fowler to help sell tickets for the event at her bookstore. Celina reported that, to date, 23 paid tickets plus three free-to-staff-tickets have been reserved. Deb stated that she has asked the local radio station, WOOL, to promote the dinner, with ticket giveaways.


PLANT SALE (MAY 19, 2012)
Susan and Nancy are chairing this event, to be held at the Masonic Temple. Hours: 8 AM to noon. The Board of Trustees is sponsoring an all day book sale in conjunction with it. Sue L-W is seeking to collaborate with Trustee, Debbie Wetzel, on posters. Susan will contact Michelle DelHaye and Helen Miller, Master Gardeners, to be on hand for the event.

Susan stated that we should plan to reserve a table at this event. Pat F. is on the planning committee and will be asked about details on participating.

We discussed various possibilities for having some presence at this venue. We might sell books. Sue L-W suggested that a Friends’ brochure be inserted into each book that is part of the ongoing or separate book sale. Perhaps we could plan to set up at the Farmers’ Market on the Third Friday special promotion time. Another idea was to ask Pat F. if the Friends could set up a table up outside her store on Third Friday—to give out information on the group and to promote our programs. Another idea for advertising FOL and its programs is to send information to Ed Howard at the cinema, to be seen on the movie screen before shows start.

Elayne spoke of some other upcoming literary programs and possible fundraisers:
--April 19—“Meet the Authors” event, at the event space in the hotel. Elayne and two other authors will be the presenters.
--Crescent Dragonwagon is seeking a venue to promote her new book. It will be a free event, with food. The Friends would like to host this at the library on June 22 or 29. Elayne will work with Wendy to promote this in the media.
--“Cocktails for a Cause” was explained as a future fundraiser, to be held next summer, possibly, at the new restaurant opening at the former hotel.

MEMBERSHIP: “Be a Friend, Bring a Friend” campaign —no report

TREASURER’S REPORT—Treasurer, John Medeiros, was absent but had emailed his report. The cash balance was $4,718.19. Report accepted.

Celina stated that the new drop box is on order. The new book carts are being put to use. OLD/NEW BUSINESS

Sue L-W brought us up to date on the status of ordering prints of Debbie Wetzel’s painting of the library. Charlie Hunter is the point/contact person. A 16”X20” framed print will cost us $42; we should charge $120 for it. Charlie will supply a framed one to hang. Prices for matted prints will be determined. These are printed upon being ordered. MOTION: Nancy moved, Sue L-W seconded to order 6 matted prints to sell. Motion carried unanimously. Debbie will be asked to sign and date the prints. We will have them available at the gala dinner. Sue L-W will report back with more details. VOTE: BOARD MEMBER
Sue L-W nominated Arnold Clift to be a board member (This would bring the total number to eight, as determined by the bylaws.) Arnold Clift was unanimously elected to the position.
Meeting adjourned at 10:30 AM
Next board meeting: FRIDAY, APRIL 27, 9:00 AM, LIBRARY MEETING ROOM

Betty Haggerty, Secretary
MINUTES: April 27, 2012
APRIL 27, 2012

PRESENT: Elayne Clift, Susan Warner, Sue Lampe-Wilson, Nancy Kovaleff, Pat Fowler, Jon Medeiros, Arnold Clift, Betty Haggerty, Celina Houlne, Librarian

President Elayne called the meeting to order at 9:02 AM. A quorum was present. The minutes of the March 2, 2012 meeting were approved as presented.


Susan W. stated that everything went very well with the evening event. People liked the food and the entertainment. Jon gave a financial update on the event: the bill from Vt. Academy for use of Chivers Center is $862 and will paid soon. The Olssons were paid $100. Jon estimates that our profit will be $678.00. There was discussion about setting a date for next year’s dinner, with an attempt to avoid a conflict with other area events. A date will be chosen in the early fall. Pat said that we could plan on holding the dinner at the hotel in the Square.

APRIL 19TH MEET THE AUTHOR EVENT—Elayne reviewed this event, stating that all went well.

HERRICK’S COVE—May 6th. The library will not be participating this year.

PLANT SALE/BOOK SALE—May 19, Masonic Temple front lawn
The book sale hours are 8 AM to 3 PM. This event is hosted by the Trustees, with Debbie Wetzel taking the lead. The FOL plant sale hours will be 8 AM to noon; plants still to be sold will be merged with the book sale. Nancy and Susan are in charge of the plant sale; they will start setting up and pricing at 7 AM. Other help will be needed and Pat, Arnold, and Betty volunteered. The tent will need to be set up early on. Pat and Betty will accept plant donations prior to the sale date. Sue L-W is working on posters, along with Debbie Wetzel. Celina said there are volunteers to distribute the posters. Master Gardeners, Michelle Delhaye and Helen Miller have agreed to be on site for the sale.

CRESCENT DRAGONWAGON EVENT (June). This will be deferred and Elayne will contact Crescent about this.

Pat will secure a table for FOL at a price of $15. We will sell our items such as note cards, the small prints, tote bags and so forth. We will do a 50/50 raffle and will have a donation jar.

We decided to not set up a table every BF Third Friday as discussed previously. We may have a table for our items if the market is doing a “Rockingham Day”. Pat will find out.

We may do this in September, with the focus being a “Be a Friend” campaign

Pat brought forth the idea of collaborating with her store to sponsor Howard Mosher as a speaker, as part of his book tour promoting his new book. Admission would need to be charged—possibly $5. FOL could make some money on this. The event would need to happen before the Brattleboro Literacy Festival scheduled for October. Pat will get more information and present it at the next meeting.

Betty reported that she had sent 26 reminders to renew in April. She will check with Mary to see if the effort produced results. The treasurer’s statement showed some activity with membership. There was discussion about incentives for joining, such as a prize for being the 50th person to join.

Jon questioned why the IRS has sent a letter informing us that we need to submit an “e-Card” before August 31 of each year. Sue L-W said she had done this for fiscal year ’10 and that the records of this and other such transactions are on file. Celina also has copies. Apparently, the FOL fiscal year is Sept 1-August 31. Jon will file the form. Celina showed the group the newly arrived “NOOKS”, which the group previously authorized for purchase. The bill will be paid in early May. She explained how these electronic readers will be used. There will be one for the children’s/youth department and one for the adult department. The Treasurer’s report was accepted.

Celina requested that FOL authorize the purchase of “newer” titles for the NOOKS. (older titles can be downloaded free of charge) MOTION : Nancy moved, Susan seconded to authorize up to $200 for the purchase of newer titles for the Nooks. Motion passed unanimously.



Advertising the availability of these will be included on the screen at the Opera House. Celina and Sue L-W will work together to produce a trifold display board of what the library has to offer. This can be used at various functions and events. Jon stated that ALL that the library offers and the many free services should be promoted.

Perhaps the local radio station, WOOL, would help promote this—ala NPR

Pat requested that we set more regular times for meeting as she finds it hard to schedule our meetings around her work and other commitments. Celina stated that Mondays are better for the library staff. We settled on the choice of the 2nd Monday, although not every month, unless a meeting is otherwise needed.

Meeting adjourned, 10:07 AM

Betty Haggerty, Secretary
Friends of the Library Board
  • Polly Montgomery, Chair
  • Kathy Michel, Vice-Chair
  • Jennifer Silver, Secretary
  • Duane Whitehead, Treasurer
  • Nancy Kovaleff
  • Carolyn Frisa
  • Betty Haggerty