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2018 Tax Filing Season is coming!

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Vermont Tax Forms and information

Please note:  Vermont will not be sending tax books out this year. There are 3 ways you can access state tax forms:

1. Print online
* Click here to find all VT tax forms
* Click here for Individual Tax Instructions 17 Pages
* Click here for the Income Tax Return (IN-111) 2 pages
* Click here for Renter’s rebate (IN-141) 2 pages
* Click here for Household Income Schedule (HI-144) 2 pages

2. Order forms by email
Send an email to [email protected] and include full name, mailing address, quantity, and form numbers.
The VT Dept of Taxes has informed us that it is too late to mail anyone tax forms. If you need state tax forms, they can be downloaded and printed from the State of VT website or they can be copied from the tax booklet reserved behind the main desk at the Library.

3. Need help?
Call VT Tax Assistance Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 7:45 to 4:30 p.m. at 802-828-2865; or you can email the individual income tax support section at [email protected].

Federal Tax Information

Federal tax forms available in the Library include:
* 10-40
* 10-40a
* 10-40ez
* Schedule A
* Schedule C
* Schedule SE
Anything else needed can be printed on demand with some limits. Stop by the Library for more information.

The Federal forms can be downloaded and printed from your own computer or from library computers (at $.10 per page).

Free File is now available, the IRS has stated that "Everyone is eligible to freefile!"  This online service works for both your federal and state taxes.  Vermont is strongly encouraging taxpayers to use e-file, so give it a try.  It works on library computers,

If you need help preparing your taxes, try the free tax preparation services from AARP or VITA.


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