Blue Sky Days Poster

Friday, July 23 – Monday, August 2

To get people thinking about what they need or want in an emergency, Sustainable Rockingham invites the community to partake in an I Spy game, a “StoryWalk™’ and a coloring contest between Friday, July 23 – Monday, August 2 all in downtown Bellows Falls.

Well before the lights go out, the plow trucks can’t keep up with the snowfall or flood waters lap a home’s foundation, people can be ready with a flashlight, a stash of non-perishable foods and a well-packed grab ‘n go bag.

To learn more and get fresh ideas about preparing for emergencies, community members and visitors alike can come down to the Square in Bellows Falls to play I Spy at shop windows featuring kits prepared by local people from all walks of life. The items a senior citizen packs in his/her emergency preparedness kit will differ from one packed by a single woman who has a cat and dog or a family with young children. Have fun finding a light source, a food supply, an important document packet and other items at each window.

Partake in a “StoryWalk™” beginning at the War Memorial Park, corner of School & Church Sts. Also known as the Hetty Green Park and ending at the doors of the Rockingham Library at 65 Westminster St. A “StoryWalk™” is an invitation to take a short stroll with friends and family while reading a picture book. The Red Clover award nominee book “I Am The Storm” by Jane Yolen & Heidi E. Y. Stemple is featured for this StoryWalk™.” It is described in the Rockingham Library catalog this way: “As the climate shifts, families experience weather emergencies… finding joy in preparedness and resilience.” Children and adults alike can glean ideas about both necessities and comforts of life to help make it through an emergency from the illustrations in this treasure of a book. Each page of the book is attached to a post. These posts start at the parking lot then run the perimeter of the park, then grace the lawns of Hennesey’s Funeral Home, the Moose Lodge, the Masons Building, ending on the Rockingham Library’s front lawn. (There are several edits and I lost track, so I’m highlighting the whole paragraph.)

Sustainable Rockingham’s Coloring Contest challenges children of all ages to reflect on their possible needs during an emergency. The judges for this contest will not only be noticing the neatness of the coloring. They will take note of the additional items drawn and colored in that make the artist’s sheet a true reflection of what he/she would need in an emergency. Coloring sheets for this contest can be picked up beginning Friday, July23and dropped off at the Rockingham Library, The Village Square Bookseller or Parks Place, next to the Central Elementary School. The deadline for dropping off a completed coloring sheet is Monday, August 2, 5:00 PM. The six winning contestants, to be chosen on August 4th and notified that day, will each receive a $25 gift certificate from Village Square Bookseller. Public notification of the winners will be announced on the library’s website and in The Shopper newspaper.

These events are free to the public. For more information visit . call (802) 463-4270 or email