Board of Trustees Meeting Agendas + Minutes

All minutes of Board and Committee meetings are available to the public five days after a meeting. Draft copies of minutes will be posted here after each meeting.

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The 20 most recent Agendas and Minutes will appear in the list below. To view older minutes, go to where all minutes and agendas are available.


To request copies of minutes from before March 2012, please contact the Library .


Library Board of Trustees

Kathleen Hacker                    2019-2022
Dale Kondracki                      2019-2022
Martha Rowley, Treasurer      2021-2024
Mary Shepard                        2020-2023
Claudia Sofield                      2021-2024
Ellen Taetzsch, Chair              2019-2022
Don Tretler, Vice-Chair          2021-2024
Brady Weinstock, Secretary   2020-2023
Duane Whitehead                 2020-2023