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Newspaper article on back listing the names of those who participated in costume.

Newspaper clipping on back. Cast: Miss Hammer Handle, Mrs. A.L. Field, Ruthbelle Riggie, Mrs. O.K. Collins, Topsy Tingle, Mrs. G.P. Bolles, Jr., Many Mugggs, Mrs. H.K. Burt, Fanny Funnybones, Miss Conklin, Melinda Jane Brown, Mrs. Florence Wright,…

Standing: E.J. Piper, Mrs. Walter Smith, Mrs. Pratt. Rev. Pratt, Genevieve Williams, C.C. Ames, Stella Dunham, Alice H. Jackson, B.E. Merriam, Rita O'Brien, Walter Smith, Frances Osgood, Pearson, Seated (back row) Mrs. Kirkland, William Hayes, Dr.…

Cast: "Old Maid's Convention" . Odd Fellows Hall, Bellows Falls, Vermont 27 June, 1917
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