Board of Trustees Minutes: September 22, 2015

Draft Minutes
22 September 2015
6:15 PM

Click here to download a .pdf of these minutes: 2015 09 22 Board of Trustees Minutes
Trustees Present: Carol Blackwood, Chair; Doreen Aldrich, John Bohannon, Karin Fischer, Pat Fowler, Leslie Lassetter, Ray Massucco, Martha Rowley, Ellen Taetzsch.
Library Personnel Present: Celina Houlne, Director
No members of the public present.
1. Meeting was called to order at 6:25 pm.
2. There were no additions to the agenda.
3. There was no public comment.
4. Aldrich moved and Massucco seconded that the minutes of August 4, 2015 be approved with the following changes:
The misspelling of Ellen Taetzsch’s name was noted.
Martha Rowley’s name should be included with the list of trustees who voted in favor COLA / Merit increases noted in item #6 of the minutes.
Regarding the Chronology for Library Director Annual Evaluation, it was noted that the second to last sentence should read, “The Board discusses her response with her and finalizes the evaluation.”
The motion passes unanimously.
5. Director’s report was presented.
6. Planning for Chamber of commerce mixer on October 21st from 5:30-7:00pm. Lassetter and Rowley will arrive at 4:30 to set up. Bohannon will speak, if Blackwood is unable to attend. Fischer will arrive late, but stay to clean up. Lassetter circulated a sign up sheet for food. Blackwood will donate a tote bag for the raffle and Fowler will donate books to put in it.
7. Committee Reports
Finance Committee: Timeline for FY 17 budget was discussed.
Historical Collection: Fowler moved and Lassetter seconded approval of updates to the Historical Collection Management Policy with the following change: Email addresses on attached forms will reference the department rather than an individual. The motion passed unanimously. Work is underway and will continue on returning items to the library that are currently stored at Village Square Books.
Personnel: Director evaluations have been returned. Results are being collated and summarized.
Strategic/Long Range Planning: A survey of library stakeholders will be conducted, based on the library’s mission statement, to determine whether the library should continue on its current course or if it needs new goals/direction.
8. There was no new business.
9. The next meeting was set for October 27th at 6:15 pm. Meetings for November and December are tentatively scheduled for the third Tuesday of the months due to holiday conflicts the fourth week.
10. Massucco moved and Bohannon seconded that the board enter executive session with the Director invited to attend. The board left executive session. No action was taken.
11. Review of tasks: Complete draft of Director evaluation. Gather budget info for FY 17 planning.
12. Adjourned at 7:45pm.
Respectfully submitted by Karin Fischer.