Strategic Planning Committee Minutes: February 10, 2016


Strategic Planning Committee Minutes

10 February, 2016

12:00 Noon


Location: Top floor Meeting Room

Trustees Present: John Bohannon, Leslie Lassetter, Ellen Taetzsch

Library Personnel Present: Celina Houlne, Director

Members of the Public Present: none

Click here to download a .pdf of these minutes:  Strategic Planning Committee Minutes 2016-02-10


  1. Call to order 12:05pm
  2. Additions to the agenda for routine administrative matters and/or pressing matters that will require ratification at a future meeting None
  3. Public comment (3 minutes per person) None
  4. Review of goals and plan
  5. New Business: Review draft survey and develop plan for administering it The survey will be as presented with the additions of an “additional comments” section, don’t know option for each question and a demographics section.

Patrons will be notified of the survey online, on both the libraries Facebook page and website as well as at the library. Patrons may download and print the survey at home but must physically bring the survey back to the library where library staff will collect them

The survey will be available from February 16th, 2016 to March 19th, 2016

  1. Set date for next meeting and review agenda items The next meeting will be held April 6th, 2016 at noon
  2. Executive Session (as needed) N/A
  3. Review tasks
  4. Adjourn 12:40

NOTE:      Chair is John, Secretary is Leslie, member is Ellen