Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes: February 23, 2016

23 February 2016
6:15 PM

Top Floor Meeting Room

Trustees Present: Carol Blackwood, Chair; John Bohannon, Karin Fischer, Pat Fowler, Leslie Lassetter, Martha Rowley, Ellen Taetzsch
Trustees Absent: Doreen Aldrich, Ray Massucco
Library Personnel Present: Celina Houlne, Director
Members of the Public Present: none

Click here to download a .pdf of these minutes: 2016.02.23 Board of Trustees Minutes
1. Call to order: 6:18 pm

2. Additions to the agenda: none

3. There was no public comment.

4. Approval of 26 Jan 16 minutes: Bohannon moved and Taetzsch seconded approval of the minutes which passed unanimously.

5. Director’s Report: See attached.

Massucco will present previously board-ratified Agreement Between The RFPL and The International Union of Operating Engineers Local to the union negotiator. Once it is signed by effected employees, it will become part of the public record.

6. Ballot and Town Meeting Day update. Town Meeting is scheduled for next Monday at 7 pm. Board members were encouraged to attend. Voting is Tuesday March 1st from 9 am -7 pm.

7. VMERS update: No further action appears to be necessary at this time.

8. Committee Reports:
Long Range Planning Committee is currently conducting a survey to determine whether there is a need for a strategic plan. Survey is available online through the library newsletter / website and at the front desk.

Finance Committee: Fowler is prepared to spend time with whomever is elected to replace her as treasurer.

9. New Business: none

10. Next meetings: 8 March 16 administrative, 22 March 16 regular

11. Executive Session
Fowler moved that the board enter into executive session to discuss contracts, labor relations, agreements with employees, arbitration, mediation, grievances, civil actions or prosecutions by the state where premature general public knowledge would clearly place the RFPL at a substantial disadvantage, and that Library Director Celina Houlne be invited to attend. Fischer seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

At 6:50 pm the board left executive session.

12. Bohannon moved to adjourn. Lassetter seconded. Adjourned at 6:58 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Karin Fischer