Fundraising Committee Meeting Minutes: April 29, 2017


April 19, 2017

10:30 AM

Click here to download a .pdf of these minutes:  2017.04.19 Fundraising Committee Minutes

Present: Brady Weinstock, Kate Kane, Leslie Lassetter, Committee Members

Others: Celina Houlne, Library Director

Call to Order: Leslie called the meeting to order at 10:35 AM.

Election of Committee Chair and Secetary:  Leslie nominated Brady as Committee Chair and Kate as Committee Secretary.  Motion was seconded and passed.

Additions to Agenda for routine administrative matters and/or pressing matters that will require ratification at a future meeting: None

Public Comment (3 minutes per person): None

Approve Minutes of November 22, 2016, meeting: Moved by Leslie and seconded to approve as printed.  The motion passed.

Discussion of Goals: Two goals were set:

  1. Make annual appeal in December more effective
  2. Establish new methods of fundraising.

Discussion focused on fundraising for green solar energy.  Brady reported that Green Mountain Power customers who use solar power receive only solar credits, not refunds, and those credits could be gifted to the RFPL.  Celina reported that solar panels on the slanted part of the roof would be a completion of the renovation.  She will get an updated cost from the solar company in Brattleboro.  Kate will research grant opportunities.  The following proposal will be brought to the Board of Trustees at its April 25th meeting:

We propose that the Board pursue funding for green solar energy by (1) pursuing funds for solar panels, and (2) soliciting donations of Green Mountain Power solar credits.  Both of these steps will help reduce the library’s monthly electricity cost and will promote green energy.

Discussion then focused on increasing donation options.  Suggestions included a second appeal in June using postcards, naming donors in follow-up newsletters or appeals, considering a monthly donation option, and lowering the suggested donation so that more people feel comfortable with their ability to give.  Celina requested the ability to add memorial or honorary gift options to the online donation capability.  The following proposal will be brought to the Board of Trustees:

We propose that the Board direct Celina to add an online option for people to give memorial or honorary gifts to the RFPL.


Other Business: None

Review Action Items and Proposed Agenda Items for Next Meeting: Celina will investigate online donations and monthly donation by checking with other libraries.  She will also get the tax list from the town clerk to provide increased names for the annual appeal, and she will get an updated quote for solar panels.  Kate will research grant options for solar power/green energy.

Set Date for Next Meeting: No action at this time.

Adjourn: At 11:48 AM, motion by Kate Kane and seconded to adjourn this meeting.

Respectfully Submitted,


Kate Kane