Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes: Thursday, March 3, 2022

Rockingham Free Public Library Board of Trustees

Thursday, March 3, 2022

 Present: Don Tretler, Martha Rowley, Brady Weinstock, Duane Whitehead, Mary Shepard, Carol Blackwood, Margo Ghia, Ryan Coyne, Claudia Sofield, Ian Graham

Members of the public: Pat Fowler

Absent: n/a

Location: In the Library’s Youth Program Room, and also online via Zoom.

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  1. Call to Order: 6:35 pm
  2. Additions to Agenda for routine administrative matters and/or pressing matters that will require ratification at a future meeting: n/a
  3. Public Comment (3 minutes per person): n/a
  4. Oath of Office information: Oath of office was administered to the three new trustees by Pat
  5. Election of Officers: Don moved that the four officers be elected as named: Chair: Carol Blackwood; Vice-Chair: Don Tretler; Treasurer: Martha Rowley; Secretary: Brady Weinstock. Martha seconded. Motion passed
  6. Selection of Regular Meeting Date, Time, & Schedule for the Year: Carol moved that the meetings be held the first Tuesday of the month in odd months at 6:30 pm. Don seconded. Motion passed
  7. Adoption of Rules of Procedure, Code of Ethics, Continuation of Adopted Policies: Carol moved that the board adopt the current Rules of Procedure, Code of Ethics, and Continuation of Adopted Martha seconded. Motion passed unanimously.
  8. Board Committee Assignments: Carol moved that the board approve the committee assignments. Mary Motion passed unanimously.
  9. Approve Minutes of January 4, 2022 Meeting: Don moved that the minutes be approved. Brady Motion passed, with three abstentions from the new members who had not been present at that meeting.
  10. FY22 Budget Status Report: Ian explained the line items that were over budget due to staff
  11. Motion and Discussion: approval for expense lines $1,000 or more over-budget

Don moved that the Library Board of Trustees approve additional expenses (expected to be more than $1,000 over budget per line item) for the line items described below, as stipulated in the Library Director’s job description. Carol seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

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  1. Motion and Discussion: Historical Collection Committee recommendation to conserve three historical objects:

Don moved that the Library Board of Trustees approve the conservation treatment and archival framing of three objects owned by the Rockingham Free Public Library (Vermont Farm Machine Company ink-wash drawing; silver gelatin print of the 1927 flood; 1896 birds-eye view of Bellows Falls) at the total cost of $3,665 ($2,300 for conservation treatment and $1,365 for archival framing); and that the Board approve the transfer of not more than $3,665 from the Historical Collections reserve fund (120-03-2080-95.08). Martha seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

  1. Other Business:

Don moved that the Library Board of Trustees authorize use of money from the

Reserve-Building Repair Fund to pay ARC Mechanical for major repairs to the HVAC system. The exact amount due is not known at this time. Mary seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

  1. Review Action Items, and Proposed Agenda Items for Next Meeting: Personnel Committee will schedule their meeting before the next full board meeting. Next full board meeting will be May 3 at 6:30
  2. Review and Approve Warrants
  3. Adjourn: Don moved, Mary Meeting adjourned at 8:17 pm.



Respectfully submitted, Brady Weinstock, Secretary