Personnel Committee Meeting Minutes: Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Rockingham Free Public Library

Board of Trustees Personnel Committee Meeting

Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Present: Carol Blackwood, Martha Rowley, Brady Weinstock, Ian Graham

Absent: Don Tretler

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  1. Call to Order: 6:34 pm.
  2. Additions to Agenda for routine administrative matters and/or pressing matters that

will require ratification at a future meeting: n/a

  1. Public Comment (3 minutes per person): n/a
  2. Approve Minutes of June 2, 2021 meeting: The minutes of the June 2, 2021 Personnel

Committee meeting were approved as corrected, with the incorrect date of December 8, 2020

corrected to June 2, 2021. (Brady moved, Martha seconded, with Carol abstaining because she

was not at that meeting. Motion passed unanimously.)

  1. Discussion of Library Director job description: No action was taken.
  2. Evaluation of Library Director: The committee discussed the methodology and chronology

of the annual evaluations. At the next full board meeting on July 5, the full board will enter into

executive session to discuss the director’s performance, with the Personnel Committee meeting

directly following that meeting to review the results with Ian.

  1. Other Business: n/a
  2. Review Action Items and Proposed Agenda Items for Next Meeting: In addition to the

above-stated action in the next meeting (meeting with the library director to review

performance), the committee will review the chronology in the director’s evaluation document

and vote on any suggested amendments.

  1. Set Date for Next Meeting: July 5, 2022, following the full board meeting.
  2. Executive Session (If Necessary): n/a
  3. Adjourn: Martha moved. Meeting adjourned at 7:46 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Brady Weinstock, Secretary