Finance Committee Meeting Minutes: October 24, 2018

[Library Finance Committee Meeting Minutes Submitted by Gary Fox] Rockingham Free Public Library – Octobe 24, 2018

opened at 3:22 pm

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Members present: Susan Spaulding, Brady Weinstock, Gary Fox; Members Absent: Martha Rowley

Staff present: Celina Houlne, Mary Van Hartesveldt

Martha Chair Unanimous

Gary Secretary Unanimous

Others present: add these two to the minutes of the Nov. 7, 2017 meeting

Mary Van Hartesveldt

Celina Houlne

Minutes of November 7, 2017 approved as amended – unanimous

Audtiors $1,300 still to get booked

-11,555,750 due to town….based on year end revenues and expenses to budget

plus trust and interest income not yet turned over to town

Period 3 – Library Fund – Tidd Fund has $6,100 actual interest

Budget – increase in amount due from taxes of almost $20,000 ($19,950)

Increase of 5.58% last year 2.x%? Previous year 0% increase

Increases total revenues of 3.3% or $13,630


What we pay for library


Non-Residents annual fee: went from $40 to $50 when Celina came in, and 2 years ago went up to $60

40 non-residents that buy cards

Look up donation requests from out of state

Brady moves and Gary seconds to recommend the Fy 20 budget to the Rockingham Free Public Library Board

Brady moves to Adjourn at 4:20