Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes: April 12, 2012

4:00 PM

The meeting was called to order at 4:05 by Jan Mitchel-Love.

1. Additions or changes to agenda
Celina requested that we add a discussion of extending free library membership to Rockingham Town employees who are not town residents. This will be added under personnel on the agenda.

2. Public comment (3 minutes in person)
No public comments.

3. Approve Minutes of Board Meeting –
March 8, 2012 Steve motioned to approve. Deb Wright seconded. Unanimously approved.

4. Director’s Monthly Report & Financial Report
• Library staff and volunteers have done an excellent job so far in preparing for the Renovation Project. This sentiment was echoed by numerous board members.
• Sam and Emily are sharing some of Wendy’s previous duties and the part-time staff have picked up the other components. A new person will be hired in summer (probably advertise in June) so the new employee will be trained and ready to start in the fall. This will be changed to a part-time position.
• Spring programs are coming to an end, there will be a short break, and then summer programs for adults and kids are going to begin and will include all-ages events. Summer programs will be promoted at the Opera House before movies and live events.
• Board members wholeheartedly approved the upcoming 3% pay increase for Library staff.
• Book sale and plant fundraiser is coming up on May 19th. Board and staff will provide books to add to existing sale books (can’t do as many because of storage space issues).
• Approximately $600 was raised at the GALA dinner; $125 prints of Debbie Wetzel’s painting are now for sale.

6. Renovation Project Update
• Progress continues on bids.
• Duane motioned to reinsert the bonding line for Baybutt Construction for$21,000. This will be accomplished by removing the $26,685 allocated to leaded window restoration. The excess $5,685 will move into the owner’s portion of the expenses and go towards restoring the window in the worst condition on the front of the building above the steps. The Library will contract with the window restorer for this part of the project. Steve seconded the motion. Unanimously approved.
• Duane suggested that Trustees get a copy of the Schedule of Values for the final bids awarded.
• The next renovation meeting will be Wednesday, April 18th at 3:00 or 4:00pm. Celina will confirm time via email.
• Carolyn brought up that the current plan for historical collections storage is not sufficient, but some changes are in the works.
• Duane questioned the process for approving change orders without calling a special meeting for discussion amongst the Renovation Committee. Changes of $5,000 or less can be made without calling a Renovation Committee meeting with a cap of $15,000 accumulative changes. Historical and aesthetic changes may need to be determined without consideration to change in expense. The Renovation Committee will also be approached for these recommended changes when warranted. Trustees are always kept informed about Renovation Committee meetings via email and are invited to attend.

7. Committee Reports and Issues
a. Policy – Nothing.
b. Building – Nothing.
c. Historical Collection – See info under renovation project update.
d. Communications – Nothing.
e. Finance – See Director’s report for info about insurance.
f. Personnel – Meeting will be set for early May.
• Library cards for Rockingham Town Employees, including WNESU, be given to anyone who can present a payroll stub. This offer will be sent to the appropriate manager’s to send to their employees. Hope motioned we approve. Steve seconded. Unanimous approval.

9. Report on Town Officers’ Education Conference
• Jan has extra copies of the Manual for Vermont Library Trustees. This info is also available online.
• She reported on the various sessions she attended.
• There is an upcoming free online training for public advocacy within libraries that a Communications Committee member is encouraged to attend.

10. Review Agenda Items for next meeting and set date
Next meeting is set for Thursday, May 10th at 4:00pm in old meeting space on 1st floor.

11. A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Carolyn at 5:40. Seconded by Steve. Unanimously approved.

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