Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes: Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Special Meeting of the Library Board of Trustees
Tuesday, September 23, 2014
6:15 PM


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Present: Doreen Aldrich, Carol Blackwood, Karin Fscher, Pat Fowler (late), Carolyn Frisa, David Gould, & L. Raymond Massucco; Absent, Jan Mitchell Love

Call to Order: Chairman Gould called the meeting to order at 6:16 p.m.

Approve Minutes of September 12, 2014: Carolyn Frisa moved to accept the minutes as printed; seconded by Karin Fisher.  The motion carried with one abstention.

The chairman asked that the minutes reflect that Hope Brissette, a member of the board, chose not to sit with the board. She sat as a member of the community.

Public Comment (2 minutes per speaker): None

The Chair advised that he received an email from Jan Mitchell-Love claiming that this meeting is in violation of the open meeting law because he didn’t send out the agenda.  Doreen Aldrich has followed up with that with the Secretary of State’s Office and according to that office (Brian Levin, Deputy Secretary of State) he feels everything was done according to Hoyle.  He has the authority to delegate someone else to actually send out the agenda and he presented that agenda to Celina Houlne.  H said he doesn’t have the necessary computer knowledge to get all the stuff together on to an agenda like the staff here.  It was sent out in plenty of time and he feels this meeting can be held in order. He asked if there any reviews of modifications to the agenda. At this point Pat Fowlr came in. Deborah Wright said her concern calling the meeting is tha the power of the chair or secretary calling the meeting is not the same as distributing he agenda or warning the meeting. That is totally different. At an open meeting, you have not designated or relegated that power to another member to do that. That is not calling a meeting. That is telling someone to send out an agenda; because of computer issues is not calling the meeting. He asked how she proposed a meeting be called. She responded that the chair contacts their members and calls a meeting.

Review, Modification and Adoption of Agenda: No changes. Carol Blackwood moved to approve the agenda as written, seconded by Carolyn Frisa. The motion carried.

Board Chairmanship: Chairman Gould read a letter of resignation as board chairman to the RFPL Board of Trustees dated September 23, 2014 and made a part of these minutes. Carolyn Frisa said her understanding is that someone needs to accept the resignation so sh moved to accept David Gould’s resignation as Chair. Karin Fischer seconded the motion. She added it was also her understanding now that as vice chair, she temporarily takes on the duties of the chair once the resignation is accepted. The motion to accept David Gould’s resignation carried unanimously. Frisa said, again her understanding is that she is acting as chair; but at this point she is not willing or able to perform the duty as chair due to her workload and her personal life. She is not willing to assume the chairmanship. Gould moved that Carol Blackwod be nominated as the chairperson of the Rockingham Free Public Library Board for the duration of the term. Karin Fischer seconded the motion. As Blackwood didn’t decline, it was assumed she accepted. The motion carried unanimously. Blackwood thanked the board members.

Board Committee Assignments: Blackwood said this board had previously felt that the personnel committee would be comprised of the executive board. The problem now is she is the chair; but is greatly vested now in policy committee issues and Gould is involved in personnel committee issues. She as chair would like to continue with the personnel assignments the same as before. David Gould will continue to be on the personnel committee and she will continue to be on the policy committee. Fowler said we have set a precedent of having th people who were on the exec board be on the personnel committee. Massucco said it is a function of the chair. Blackwood added that we can look at it later on; but right now there is a lot going on with the by-laws. She can’t handle both right now. Gould was agreeable to that. Frisa asked Fischer if she was still interested in serving on the historical collections committee. Fischer said Gould has already appointed her to the buildings and grounds committee after some discussion, Fischer said she would be happy to do historical collections as well. Karen will replace Carol on historical collections. Carol will continue on policy and David will continue on personnel and we can address any other committee assignments as time goes on.

Date of Regular Board Meetings: Blackwood said since our last board meeting, it was her understanding that the first and second Tuesday of each month are taken by either Select Board or Village Trustees; but neither of those groups have set meetings on the third or fourth Tuesday. Gould moved that the regularly scheduled meeting of the library trustees be on the fourth Tuesday of each month commencing on October 28, 2014 at 6:16 p.m. Fowler seconded the motion for discussion. If they have to have a join board meeting, that would be on the fifth Tuesday so we shouldn’t be interfering with them. The chair asked if there was public comment on the change of date. Geller said he assumed this will take the place of the meeting on the second Tuesday of October. The chair advised that was correct. The motion carried unanimously.

Chairperson Blackwood advised that through a clerical error — she had hoped to have one other item on the agenda tonight. Unfortunately, it fell off the agenda by accident. We may need to call another special meeting before the next regular meeting to deal with that issue. After much discussion, it was agreed to hold a special meeting the following evening, September 24th at 7:00 p.m.  Ms Wright called a point of order; it isn’t 24 hours. Frisa said if the meeting was at 7:00 p.m., we would have 24 hours. Five members said they could be there. The meeting agenda will be to address the issue of an allegation of open meeting law violation and she delegated to Houlne to send that out.

Adjourn: Frisa moved to adjourn at 6:50, seconded by Gould. The motion carried.

Respectfully submitted, _________________________ September 25, 2014
Doreent Aldrich

September 23, 2014

To the RFPL Board of Trustees:

Following recent meetings with my Health Care Providers in which accelerating deterioration of some health issues have come to light, I have been advised to reduce some of my civic responsibilities. As a result, I hereby resign my position as Chair of the Rockingham Free Public library effective immediately.

Please understand that in no way is my decision influenced or exacerbated by the Letter of Complaint submitted by Ms Deborah Wright.

I will continue to fulfill my responsibilities on the Library Board as well as Chair of the Personnel Committee.

It has been an honor and privilege to serve as your Chair. Thank you.

David F. Gould