Board of Trustees Special Meeting Draft Minutes: November 18, 2014


NOVEMBER 18, 2014



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Present:  Doreen Aldrich, Carol Blackwood, Hope Brissette, Karin Fischer, Pat Fowler, David Gould, L. Raymond Massucco & Jan Mitchell-Love, Trustees; Celina Houlne & Mary VanHartesveldt, Library; Absent:  Carolyn Frisa

Others:  Steve Geller & Joel Love

Call to Order:  Chairperson Blackwood called the meeting to order at 6:17 p.m.

Public Comment (3 minutes per person):  None

Approval of Agenda:  Approved by consensus.

FY 2016 Budget:  Blackwood asked Celina Houlne to explain the proposed budget to the trustees.  Houlne went down through the line items.  There were a few questions under “Revenue”.  It was the consensus of the board to leave $3,100 budgeted for “Book Sale”, $4,200 for “Direct Appeal”, $3,500 for “Fines” and $2,200 for “Non-Resident” library memberships.  Fines haven’t changed since 2008.  It was suggested that the board have a motion on the non-resident expenses at its next meeting.  Emily Zervas came into the meeting long enough to explain the proposed budget for tech equipment and software; what is needed and why.  There was a very long discussion on salaries.  Hope Brissette was not comfortable submitting this proposed budget yet as she needed more time to study some things.  Celina Houlne and Mary VanHartesveldt were asked to quickly go upstairs and run off some other salary scenarios.  David Gould moved that the salaries for the library director and staff be increased at the rate of 3% for the FY 2016 budget.  Karin Fischer seconded the motion.  There was discussion as to what percentage of the budget is on salaries. Celina Houlne thought about 70%.  She added that the 5.5% increase is the first in three years.  Jan Mitchell-Love said she was concerned about a 5.5% increase.  Massucco felt that if enough people were at town meeting, we might be able to pass it.  He added that we can’t continue to level fund it.  Karin Fischer called the question.  David Gould seconded.  The motion that the salaries for the library director and staff be increased at the rate of 3% for the FY 2016 budget failed with three in favor and five opposed.  Joel Love pointed out that the Chair was in violation of the Open Meeting Law as he had his hand up to speak before the vote and she would not recognize him.  He asked the secretary for the audio of this meeting on CD and said he would send an email request the next day.  Jan Mitchell-Love moved to table the budget until next week Tuesday and Hope Brissette seconded.  The chair cautioned that the board has a full agenda for next Tuesday.  The motion passed with seven in favor and one opposed.

At 8:45 p.m., David Gould moved to adjourn, seconded by Hope Brissette.  The motion carried.

Respectfully submitted 11/19/14___________________________________Secretary