Board of Trustees Special Meeting: Tuesday, October 1, 2013


4:00 PM at Village Square Booksellers in Bellows Falls

In Attendance: Jan Mitchell-Love, Hope Brissette, Ray Massucco, Deb Wright, Paige Pietrzak, Pat Fowler, Carolyn Frisa, Laura Senes, Emily Zervas and Samantha Maskell.
Public in attendance: Alma Beals, Joel Love, Serena Hickey, Donna Stevens

1. The meeting was called to order at 4:03 pm by Chairwoman Jan Mitchell-Love.

2. Public comment: None.

3. Discuss candidate recommendations to Selectboard for open trustees’ position: The board was unable to find a time with enough trustees to make a quorum to discuss this position. Members received an email with letters of interest from Elayne Clift and Tim Dougherty and were asked to respond with their preference. Jan received 5 responses in favor of Tim Dougherty and informed Chip Stearns. The other three members of the board stated they were in favor of Elayne Clift. Jan stated she would share the recommendation of 5 in favor of Tim Dougherty and 3 in favor of Elayne Clift at the Selectboard meeting scheduled for this evening.

4. Discuss interim director duties (Executive session if necessary): Prior to this meeting the Personnel Committee went through the Director Overview and Job Description to come up with a list of duties and then met with Emily and Sam for input. The Finance Committee met to determine fair compensation for these duties. A motion was made by Ray Massucco to appoint Sam Maskell and Emily Zervas to be interim directors until further direction of the board. Carolyn Frisa made a friendly amendment to state that Sam Maskell and Emily Zervas will share the directorial duties but retain their present job titles. This motion, seconded by Deb Wright, passed with all in favor. The board reviewed the duties with Sam Maskell and Emily Zervas. Trustees will help with searching and writing for larger grants, using the Communications Committee or the committee to which the grant pertains. Sam Maskell and Emily Zervas will continue to seek and write grants pertaining to their areas. Sam Maskell and Emily Zervas asked for help in dealing with records requests. Ray Massucco will advise. Next year’s budget will be proposed by Sam Maskell, Emily Zervas and Mary Van Hartesveldt, with the help of the Finance Committee. Sam Maskell and Emily Zervas stated they received a lump sum and vacation time after filling the position of temporary interim directors in 2008. The Finance Committee will look into this prior to giving a recommendation on compensation for the additional work of taking on the duties of director.

5. Discuss future employee hirings (timeline, etc.): Tabled.

6. Appeal date and location: Thursday, October 10, 2013, 7 PM Lower Theater of the Town Hall.

7. A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Hope Brissette, seconded by Deborah Wright, and unanimously approved at 5:29 pm.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Laura Senes, Secretary.
October 7, 2013