Historical Collections Commitee Special Meeting Minutes: Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday, April 21, 2014
at The Rockingham Free Public Library

Click here to download a .pdf of these minutes

In attendance:
Committee Members: Emily Zervas, Carolyn Frisa, Pat Fowler
Invited Guests and Members of the Public: Carol Blackwood Jane Mitchell

Draft Minutes

1. Call to Order—Meeting called to order by Carolyn at 6:40 pm

2. Additions and changes to the agenda. None.

3. Public comment—none.

4. Elect officers and set regular meeting time: Emily was nominated as secretary and Carolyn was nominated as chair. Passed unamimously.

5. Approve minutes of April 3, 2014 Special Meeting: Pat moved the minutes be approved as written. Carolyn seconded. Approve with Carol abstaining.

6. Planning Session for Library Grand Opening Event. In addition to tweaking the schedule represented in the Google Docs Schedule, the group made the following decisions:
-Emily will work with Alan on the oral history scheduling—interviews will take place in July.
-Emily will send out invitations to the volunteers who helped with the move along with thank you notes encouraging them to attend the celebration.
-Decorations will be made on Saturday the 26th and on the 29th at Works on Paper.
-WOOL radio will do a live broadcast as long as the internet connection meets their needs (Emily suspects it will).
-A banner will be made to go on the existing library sign to advertise the grand reopening.

7. Other business: discussed approving submitting the NEH conservation grant for the glass plate negative collection and holding off on the Tru Vue Optium grant until the application could be revisited and added to.

Next regular meeting of the HCC—June 3rd.

8. Adjourned: 7:56 pm meeting adjourned.