Historical Collections Committee Meeting Minutes: Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thursday October 25, 2012
5:00 PM

The meeting was called order at 5:05pm by Chairwoman, Carolyn Frisa.

1. Additions or changes to agenda
• Duane asked that we discuss display furniture and shelving – to be covered under Next Steps (Item 7).
• Duane asked whether we needed to create a timeline for upcoming projects. This will be done on an as-needed basis.

2. Public comment (3 minutes in person)
• No public comment.

3. Update on Packing/Storing Historical Collections Remaining on First Floor / Mezzanine of Library during Renovation Project
• Packing supplies have been obtained by Emily.
• Emily plans to pack Friday, Oct. 26 from 9:00 – 3:00 and any help is welcome. She will continue to pack on Monday and Tuesday of next week. Carolyn is available to help on Tuesday.
• Thursday November 1 is the final packing and moving day. Debbi will provide a vehicle and help. Others are also welcome to assist with the move. Exact time to be determined by Emily.
• The packing of the historic clock is nearly complete. Packing materials will be installed just prior to crating by Baybutt.
• Baybutt is also responsible for protecting the oversize painting with polyethylene sheeting.

4. Tru-Vue Grant Application Summary
• Emily provided the committee with a summary of the grant application which is due on Nov. 1. If funded, the historic 5-shelf barrister’s bookcase will retrofitted to make it museum-quality and theft-proof. Emily will provide the committee with a copy of the grant application when it is complete. Grant notification should be approximately 6 weeks from submittal deadline.

5. Next Steps for Historical Collections Committee
• Insurance assessment for entire Library will occur following renovation project. The committee will prepare a list of items identified as potentially needing separate riders (the clock is currently the only item in the collection with a separate rider).
• Continue to work on exhibit plans for Renovation Opening Display. The theme will be the History of the Rockingham Public Library and will most likely include original photographs and enlarged display copies, as well as other library-related ephemera/memorabilia. Exhibits will be rotated every four months (i.e. three times per year).
• Create either a specific line item within the Library Budget or create a separate Historical Collections bank account to ensure donations designated for the Historical Collections are clearly designated and spent accordingly.
• Establish an amount of $500 for Historical Collections in the new FY 2013 budget. This will include $250 for rehousing supplies and $250 for rotating exhibits expenses.

6. Review Task List
• Previous tasks were reviewed.

• Emily
1) purchase plastic sheeting to protect items on Mezzanine.
2) contact Karen Becker (clock restorer) re: current insurance value on clock
3) contact Brattleboro Public Library re: shelving units for historic reference books in reading room
4) assess remaining display units / shelves on 3rd floor with Carolyn (to reuse or discard)
5) pack and move remaining Historic Collections items by end of next week
6) continue researching deaccessing methods. Contact VHS re: borrowing books on subject
7) complete and submit Tru-Vue grant by November 1

• Carolyn
1) assess remaining display units / shelves on 3rd floor with Carolyn (to reuse or discard)
2) assist with packing of Historic Collection
3) continue researching deaccessing methods
4) assist with Tru-Vue grant application
5) provide vendor information and cost estimates for creating historic photo facsimiles for display

• Celina
1) provide furniture/display catalogs and websites for next meeting
2) make additions to FYI budget for Historical Collection
3) bring architectural renderings of first floor showing potential location of display and shelving units to next meeting

• Duane
1) bring criteria list for historic reference book collection shelving to next meeting

• Debbi
1) assist with packing and moving and provide transportation to complete project by end of next week.

7. Next meeting is set for Tuesday, November 20th at 3:00pm.
• The primary topic will be display cases and book shelving units. This will include cases to be used for rotating exhibits of various types of objects from the collection as well as bookcases for the Local History Reference Collection.

9. The meeting was adjourned at 6:19pm.

Committee Members in Attendance: Célina Houlné, Emily Zervas, Duane Whitehead, Debbi Wetzel and Carolyn Frisa.