Historical Collections Committee Special Meeting Minutes: Wednesday, March 27, 2014

Wednesday, March 27,2014
at The Rockingham Free Public Library

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In attendance: Committee Members: Emily Zervas, Carolyn Frisa, Pat Fowler
Invited Guests and Members of the Public: Carol Blackwood Alan Fowler Kathy Michel Jane Mitchell Donna Stevens Chris Turco
Press: Chris Garofolo (Eagle Times)

Draft Minutes

1. Call to Order—Meeting called to order by Carolyn at 6:37pm

2. Elect new committee officers and set regular meeting time—Pat moved to table this and other committee members agreed.

3. Additions and changes to the agenda. None.

4. Public comment—none.

5. Planning session for Library Grand Opening Event:
Group introductions were done.

General schedule: Carolyn gave a brief summary of the plans for the library’s grand reopening. The group decided to not go through with the Friday Night Fundraising component of the original plan as the lead time is not enough to organize that kind of event.

Instead the schedule will be:
Thursday, May 8: Bill Hosely’s More Than Books event
Friday, May 9: events during the day at the library, movie event at night
Saturday, May 10: Big grand opening party 10-2.

Alan Fowler Photographs: Alan Fowler talked about his photographs of the renovation and possibilities for showing them during the grand reopening festivities. We decided to have a slideshow and display in the main room before Bill Hosley’s talk on Thursday the 8th and then display the photos throughout the library in the area where they were taken, so people could see before/during/after the renovation.

Oral Histories: Alan also talked about facilitating an oral history project. He said he already has a few interviews. The group decided that this was a huge undertaking and that it would be better to use the grand opening to promote the project and then collect the “library memories” afterwards. Alan is seeking a few more individuals to interview about the library before the grand opening so that there can be sample interviews.

Plaque: Emily will look into the budget for getting a plaque for the library dedication.

PR for the Event: Sam and Emily will work on getting initial PR together for the event—at this point just “save the date” info.

Gratitude project: Carolyn showed some examples of “thank yous” that could be made by the library to thank the many volunteers. She wanted to enlist Sam’s help. Emily will make a list of all the volunteers and businesses who helped.

Food: Friends of the Library, staff and board members will all contribute food Carolyn and Pat will approach local restaurants to see if they would be willing to donate platters. The possibility of the trustees donating a cake was discussed. As was the idea of having the library’s new logo on the cake.

A cake raffle/musical chairs type event was discussed. No decision was made.

Music: The possibilities of the Saxtons River String Band playing was discussed. Kathy Michel.

Ribbon Cutting: A formal ribbon cutting was discussed.

Fundraiser: The Friends will be doing their “adopt-a-plant” fundraiser throughout the event. This will raise money for the library landscaping plan. Emily will find the approved landscaping plan and pass it on to the Friends with prices.

Scavenger Hunt: A scavenger hunt that encouraged exploring the new building will be designed by library staff! Donated prizes?

6. Other business: Next meeting scheduled for 4/3/2014 at 6:30 in at RFPL in the upstairs meeting room. Potluck again!

7. Adjourned: 8:08pm meeting adjourned.