Personnel Committee Meeting Draft Minutes: October 9, 2014


Rockingham Free Public Library
Personnel Committee Meeting Draft Minutes
October 9, 2014 12:00PM RFPL Youth Department Program Room

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Committee Members in Attendance: David Gould, Carolyn Frisa, and Pat Fowler. Library Personnel: Celina Houlne (Library Director) Members of the Press: Chris Garofolo

Chairman Gould called the meeting to order at 12:05pm.

Minutes of September 5, 2014 Personnel Committee- Carolyn moved to approv e the minutes as written, seconded by Pat Fowler and the motion carried unanimously. Rat Fowler reminded the committee the that proposed guidelines for inclement weather procedures need to, be resented to the board of trustees at the next regular trustees meeting.

No public comment was made.

The Committee conducted an interview wit Celina Houlne (Library Director) to discuss her progress/achievements and areas of concern during the last month.

The following ongoing and completed items were reported / discussed:

• The beginning of the fall season has seen increased use of the library by patrons and this is typical for this time of year.
• Houlne has been workingwith other staff to reorganize storage throughout the library.
• Houlne has trained the new library staff member, Anne Dempsey and reports she is a great and much needed addition to the library staff.
• Houlne is working extra desk hours in the last month to fill in staff vacancies due to sick and vacation leave.
• Houlne is developing a list of furniture and shelving needs to bring the Trustees. The friends have designated a $2,500 donation to be used towards their purchase.
• Houlne has asked for a second estimate from Keene Sign Works for the exterior library sign.
• Houlne has been working on the budget with staff for discussion at the upcoming Finance Committee meeting on October 21.
• Houlne is preparing statistics for the Annual State Library Report.
• Houlne attended a conference on Vermont Open Meeting Law and Public Records presented by the Vermont League of Cities and Towns on September 10, 2014. She is making a copy of all relevant info for access by Trustees to be kept at the library and has established a draft of protocol for responding to Public Records to be presented to the Trustees at their next regular meeting. She also reported on recent Public Records Request filled by herself and other library staff.
• Houlne continues professional develop coursework on financial issues through Vermont Common Good and is currently focusing on budgeting.
• Houlne is working with the Town’s CLG Officer on a potential funding source for the historic plaque that needs to be placed on the front exterior of the building over the old (no longer in use) book drop slot.
• Houlne has joined the Women’s Club and will represent the library at their meetings and other functions.

The following upcoming items were reported / discussed:
• Houlne will attend the “Money Matters” conference presented by the Vermont State Library Department on November 1 and encouraged other trustees to attend the meeting.
• Houlne identified the need to develop a no weapons policy and the need to review the library’s Behavior Code. She will bring recommendations based on the policy at the Brooks Memorial Library to the next regular Trustees meeting.
• Houlne reported on the chemical odor in the staff kitchen. She has asked for an evaluation from ARC Mechanical and will report the findings to the Trustees.

The third Thursday of the month at 2:00pm has been set as the regular meeting time for the Personnel Committee. The Committee will continue to meet in the Youth Department Program Room. The following will be the meeting dates for the rest of the term year:
• November 20, 2014
• December 18, 2014
• January 15, 2014
• February 19, 2014

Frisa moved to adjourn at 12:37pm,seconded by Fowler,and the motion carried unanimously.

Draft minutes respectfully submitted on October 15, 2014 by Secretary Frisa.