Personnel Committee Meeting Minutes: Friday, September 7, 2012

Rockingham Free Public Library
Minutes of Board of Trustees Personnel Committee Meeting
Friday, September 7, 2012
Time and Place: 10 a.m. at Masonic Temple

In attendance: Hope Brissette, Carolyn Frisa, Celina Houlne, Jan Mitchell-Love, Laura Senes, and Duane Whitehead

1. Call to Order – called to order at 10:17

2. Public comment (3 minutes per person) – there were questions about the evaluation process in general, where the trustees and the Personnel Committee were currently with the 2012 evaluation process, and what could be tweaked in future processes after the current evaluation is finished. This will be discussed with all of the trustees present; the current evaluation will be discussed on Thursday and future evaluation processes will be discussed after the director’s 2012 evaluation is completed. Celina expressed her preference to not discuss the evaluation with the Personnel Committee but wait to discuss it with the whole Board of Trustees. The Personnel Committee, though eager to get Celina’s feedback to make sure the current draft is as complete as possible, told Celina that she would need to express this preference in executive session.

3. Executive Session – Director’s Evaluation – moved, seconded, and passed to go into executive session at 11:30. The committee plus Celina came out of executive session at 11:35.

The Personnel Committee chair stated no action was taken.

4. Adjourn – moved, seconded, and passed to adjourn at 11:36