Personnel Committee Special Meeting Minutes: Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday,April 18, 2014,
12:00 noon
RFPL Youth Department Meeting Room

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Members Present: David Gould, Pat Fowler, Doreen Aldrich, and Carolyn Frisa. Press: Chris Garofolo from The Eagle Times. Others: None.

Call to Order:
The chair called the meeting to order at 12:10p.m.

Public Comment:

Discussion and Review of Draft Library Director Job Description Committee members reviewed and discussed the draft of the library director job description previously presented to the 2013 Board of Trustees. The Library Director Overview and Job Description approved by the Board of Trustees in 2008 was also discussed. These two documents are included at the end of the minutes. Two recent library director job descriptions posted on the Vermont Library Association website were also discussed.

Prepared Library Director Job Description for Review by the RFPL Board of Trustees
Committee members discussed and made recommendations for the library director job description based on the 2013 draft version. The proposed changes will be made to the electronic version of the document by Secretary Carolyn Frisa and distributed to the Personnel Committee. The Personnel Committee will present the proposed library director job description to the Board of Trustees at the Regular Meeting on May 13, 2014.

Other Business
David Gould reminded committee members that an application to the Union has been made by Emily Zervas and Sam Maskell. He recommended that any potential negotiations should be based on their regular salaries (i.e. excluding the 15% raise given to compensate directorial duties performed while the library director position remains vacant).

Chris Garofolo (The Eagle Times) enquired about the pre-­-existing director job description documents and the process for review. Garofolo also asked for confirmation of the date of the upcoming legal mediation with the former library director and confirmation of names of trustees serving on the mediation team. Aldrich motioned to adjourn at 1:20, seconded by Fowler. The motion carried. Minutes respectfully submitted, Carolyn Frisa, Secretary 4/23/2014

Library Director Job Description Draft from 2013

Library Director Job Description

This is highly responsible administrative work involving the direction of a broad range of public library functions.

Work involves responsibility for the management of full public library facility and services and for the provision of library services to patrons and community organizations. Duties include policy recommendation, departmental planning, and direction administration of library activities. The position is also responsible for making the most difficult library management decisions. The work requires that the employee have thorough knowledge, skill, and ability in every phase of the public library field.

Supervision Received
Works under the administrative direction of the RFPL Board of Trustees.

Planning and Policy Making
A clear statement of library policies insures that decisions about all aspects of the RFPL are consistent and fair. Working with the Board, the Library Director:
• Works with the Board and staff to develop, implement, track, and evaluate long range plans to support and promote the mission of the library.
• Develops short term plans to address specific issues facing the library as they arise.
• Formulates and recommends policies to the Board and implements the procedures to carry out these goals.
• Develops clear descriptions of staff positions including a non-discrimination statement, qualifications for employment, evaluation procedures, and causes for dismissal.
• Prepares narrative and statistical reports for the Town, the Library Board, and the State as appropriate.

Library Services
The regular assessment and development of library services is important to fulfilling the RFPL mission. To support these efforts the Library Director:
• Oversees the planning and organization of activities, programs, and services of the Library according to perceived needs of the community, Town departments, and seasonal demand.
• Provides leadership with regard to creation and implementation of “best practices” in library management/administration, consulting others in the field as appropriate.
• Supervises the development and maintenance of a public library collection of books, periodicals, Library records, films, electronic resources, and a variety of other library materials.
• Supervises the purchase, utilization, and maintenance of technology to deliver, monitor and enhance library services.
• Confers with State agencies, other public libraries, corporations, and community groups in the development of library programs for the Town and assists in coordinating interlibrary program efforts.
• Represents the library on regional and state committees and serves as the Town’s authority on library issues. Performs related work as required.
• Oversees the continual development of the Library’s web site so that it is an instrument for service delivery, information exchange, and public awareness.
• Stays abreast of demographic and usage trends to make efficient and effective use of limited collection resources.

Financial Operations
The coordination of all aspects of fundraising and expenses is vital to insuring the financial stability of the RFPL. In order to insure efficient and responsible management of the library budget the Library Director:
• Prepares the annual budget for Board review and approval in a timely manner.
• Presents budget requests with the Board to the Town Selectboard.
• Administers and monitors expenditure of library funds to stay within approved budget. Works with Treasurer to review monthly reports and keep abreast of various funds and accounts.
• Oversees the collection and accounting of fees and charges.
• Identifies, pursues, and supports all fundraising efforts through grant writing, planned giving, underwriting, and the annual appeal.
• Oversees grant proposals for state agencies, foundations, and other organizations for library funding and administrates grant funds.
• Acts as a conduit between Board, staff, Friends of the Library, and volunteers to ensure smooth implementation of fund-raising activities within the daily operations of the library and events.
• Negotiates non-monetary donations.

Public Relations
The RFPL Director:
• Supervises internal and external communication of the RFPL including but not limited to brochures, newsletters, fliers, and newspaper articles.
• Identifies and pursues public relations opportunities that engender good will toward and promotion of the RFPL.
• Develops, maintains, oversees, and regularly evaluates cooperative relationships with the Town and Village governments, the WNESU, the Historical Society, and other community organizations.
• Plans and implements procedures to augment library goals and services through Friends of the Library, and in cooperation worth community educational, cultural, civic organizations.
• Supervises a public relations program to promote and publicize the library’s collections, services, and programs within the community.

Personnel Management
As the immediate supervisor of all library personnel, the Library Director:
• Recruits, trains, evaluates, and, when necessary, terminates staff and volunteers.
• Assigns duties, defines staff responsibilities, and administers wages.
• Promotes staff development by providing opportunities for staff to attend workshops and conferences.
• Provides training and development programs for Library and other Town employees.
• Coordinates training and professional development among the staff.
• Manages personnel issues with individual employees.

Physical Plant Management
The Library Director oversees all aspects of the physical plant, grounds, and equipment. The Library Director:
• Schedules and supervises contract services, maintenance personnel, and takes appropriate action in emergencies.
• Purchases equipment and furnishings as needed.
• Provides leadership and direction for major development projects including construction and renovation of facilities.
• Directs the development, repair, and maintenance of the Library buildings.
• Oversees and approves scheduled use of library by outside groups.
• Directs maintenance staff on weekly cleaning tasks and special longer term maintenance projects.

Board of Trustees Representative
The Library Director informs the Board of Trustees of all relevant library business. As an ex officio member of the board, the Library Director:
• Participates in monthly meetings of the Board of Trustees and provides a detailed report of library operations and developments at each meeting.
• Provides professional expertise and guidance to the board including but not limited to presenting information on pertinent legislation from local, state, and federal agencies, discussing trends in library technology, funding, and management wherever possible.
• Serves as ex officio member on Board committees.
• Provides staff support to the Library Board of Directors by assisting with meetings, preparing reports, and implementing policy decided by the Board.
• Furnishes specific research information and materials to departments upon request.
• Notify Board members of meetings, prepare appropriate public notices, and maintain records of Board meetings in compliance with Vermont State Open Meeting Law.

Professional Development
To stay aware of new trends in library management and technology, legal issues facing libraries, and new ideas for programming the Library Director:
• Attends meetings, workshops and conferences.
• Maintains membership and participates in professional library associations.
The Library Director’s job also includes any other duties that are requested by the Board of Trustees or that are essential to ensuring that the RFPL provides the best possible library service to the community. The Library Director will be evaluated by the Board annually.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
• Thorough knowledge of the principles, theories, objectives, and practices of library management and library science
• Committed to excellence in customer service
• Strong oral and written communications skills
• Ability to work independently
• Ability to organize work for efficient use of time
• Ability to prepare administrative reports in a clear, logical manner
• Ability to understand and interpret library policies, procedures, and rules
• Ability to keep records accurately
• Ability to interact courteously and effectively with elected and appointed officials, town employees, library staff and volunteers, the library’s business contacts, and the general public
• Considerable knowledge of supervision, training, and staff utilization principles
• Ability to plan, organize, supervise, and evaluate the work of employees and volunteers in diversified library activities
• Ability to initiate, organize, and follow through on programs, services, and projects
• Solid knowledge of current trends and developments in the library profession
• Thorough knowledge of library resources: print, non-print, and electronic
• Knowledge of library automation
• Working knowledge of public relations procedures
• Ability to represent the library at professional and community meetings

A Master’s Degree in Library Science from an accredited college or university plus five years of progressively responsible library administration experience, including at least three years in a supervisory capacity, OR, an equivalent combination of education and experience substituting on the basis of one year for each year of education.

Director Overview and Job Description Approved by RFPL Board of Trustees in March 2008

Director Overview

Rockingham Free Public Library
65 Westminster Street
Bellows Falls VT 05101

30% Planning & Outreach
Director focuses on both short-term and long-term planning for the Library, using all resources available to: assess the current state of the Library; assess the needs of the community; develop and implement plans that will allow the Library to meet the selected needs of the community. This planning will include resource development of both monetary and community resources. It will be important for the Director to connect with the local community on many levels, to make the Library a visible and practical strategic community resource. Director will also seek grants, partnerships, and other means of funding special projects.
30% Management & Personnel
Director will develop and maintain a team management structure within the Library. This will include coordinating team assignments, providing training to staff, and fulfilling all personnel functions (hiring, firing, payroll, discipline, etc.) Through team management, the Director will implement regular reviews of all policies and procedures; and the Director will seek and use team feedback to improve all library services. The Director will interact with the Town of Rockingham at Department Head meeting and will seek to assist the Town with information management issues.
30% Operational & Instructional
The Director will maintain an accurate accounting of the Library’s financial situation and will work to propose budgets which are fiscally responsible. Director will coordinate maintenance and repair of the physical plant of the Library, including the building’s interior and exterior, grounds, and utility connections. Developing and maintaining a stable and user-friendly computer system will be a direct hands-on duty. This position will also directly interact and be visible to the public through teaching technology courses, troubleshooting computer problems, and occasional back-up assistance at the adult or youth services reference desks.
10% Community Liaison & Support
The Library Director will find and create opportunities to promote the Library by working and interacting with local, community, county, and state organizations. Supporting and participating in the professional library community will also be encouraged.
RFPL Mission Statement
The Rockingham Free Public Library shall provide books and materials for the information, recreation, research, intellectual development and enrichment of the people of the community. As a strategic community resource, the objective of the library shall be to serve the community as an educational, recreational, and cultural center for all ages, to provide a reliable reference service, to encourage self-education, to secure books and materials beyond its own resources, and to give guidance and assistance to community projects and improvements. The Library shall continue to collect, conserve, and archive historical documents and artifacts to assist in preservation of items record and reveal local history.
Rockingham Free Public Library Director Job Description

A. Advocacy
The effectiveness of the Library and the way the Library is viewed by the community are significantly influenced by the ways the Director and staff members advocate and promote the Library within the community. To advocate for and promote the Library, the Director needs to stay informed of what is happening in the community. Effective library advocacy and public relations require ongoing and coordinated efforts by the Director, staff, Trustees, Friends and patrons of the Library. The Director will coordinate publicity, network with and speak at meetings of local civic groups, and provide for a system of receiving suggestions and feedback from library patrons.

B. Budgets
It is the responsibility of the Director to develop a budget for the next fiscal year and present it to the Library’s Board of Trustees. Additionally, the Director will help present the library budget at the annual Town Meeting. It is also the responsibility of the Director to manage library finances so expenditures stay within the approved budget throughout each fiscal year.

C. Collections
The Director is responsible for the Library’s collections and historical museum; and the Director will supervise the selection, acquisition, processing, and cataloguing of books and materials meeting the diverse needs of patrons and local community members. This will include books, media, magazines, and other items for the adult and youth collections, as suggested by staff and patrons, with policy guidance offered by the Board of Trustees. Other duties will include the weeding out of unneeded and outdated materials, as well as ensuring participation in interlibrary loans and other ways of sharing materials.

D. Develop Policies & Procedures
Effective policies and procedures ensure that library services are consistent, fair, in the public’s interest, and in compliance with local, state, and federal laws and regulations. The Director is responsible for the initial development of policies for consideration by the Board of Trustees; and is then responsible for creating procedures which will allow these policies to be administered effectively and efficiently by the library staff. The Director will work with the Board to keep both policies and procedures current and up-to-date.

E. Envision and Plan for Future
The Library and its services constantly change and evolve. To ensure that these changes occur in ways that improve library services, it is essential that the Library and its Director envision and plan for the future. The Director and the Board of Trustees will work together to adapt and adopt long- range plans in conjunction with the local community. The Director will refer often to these long- range plans while overseeing daily, weekly, and monthly library functions.

F. Finances & Fundraising
The Director is required to maintain accurate and up-to-date financial records and to report the library’s financial position at monthly meetings of the Board of Trustees. The Director will write warrants not less than twice a month for the Town to pay bills, mail checks, file bills, pay and track expenses for the librarian’s account and petty cash, keep the Library’s checking account balanced and up-to-date, as well as track reports of investment accounts and report that information to the Board. The Director will seek grant moneys to support library programs, computers, and collections; and the Director will record and administer those funds appropriately and accurately. In addition, the Director will oversee and evaluate all fundraising activities, establishing and maintaining a working relationship with the Friends of the Library and any other supporting and contributing groups or organizations.

G. General Library Business
The Director is expected to offer and honor the library and its patrons a philosophy of service, responding to the varied needs of library patrons in positive, timely, helpful, and friendly ways. The Director will be familiar with laws and guidelines of the American with Disabilities Act as it pertains to library usage; and the Director will bring to the Board’s attention any needs or deficiencies in this area of access and accessibility.

H. Hiring & Staff Supervision
The Director will be responsible for the hiring and supervising library employees and volunteers, as well as ensuring the implementation of personnel policies established by the Board of Trustees. The Director will be expected to carry out tasks related to staff and personnel in conformity with Town personnel policies, as well as all state and federal laws. The Director is responsible for evaluation and discipline of employees, training staff members, encouraging staff members’ continuing education, and holding staff meetings on a regularly scheduled basis. The Director creates the work schedule, after consulting with the staff, coordinating workflow and accounting for staff work time. The Director will also evaluate day-to-day operations and will plan necessary improvements.

I. Trustees & Collaboration
The Library’s Director reports and is accountable to the Board of Trustees. The nine elected Trustees have the legal responsibility for governing the library, setting policy, hiring and supervising the Library Director. The Director offers assistance to the Board Chair preparing Agendas for Board meetings, compiles necessary materials for Board meetings; and distributes this pertinent information to Trustees three days before scheduled Board meetings. The Director assists the Board directly in developing Library policies; prepares, presents, and helps justify the annual Budget; informs Trustees in a timely manner of any problems and concerns connected with the Library; offers options and recommendations for dealing with Library concerns; and consistently collaborates with the Board of Trustees to help create, support, and maintain the best for the Library.

Revised March 2008