Historical Collections Committee Special Meeting DRAFT Minutes: Monday, December 15, 2014




Monday, December 15, 2014

at The Rockingham Free Public Library, Youth Department Meeting Room

9:00am to 10:am

Click here to download a .pdf of these minutes: HCC_draft minutes_12_15_2014_SpclMtg

Draft Minutes

In attendance: Pat Fowler, Celina Houlne, Chris Glennon, Carolyn Frisa, Emily Zervas, and Karin Fischer.

  1. Call to order –9:08.
  2. Additions or changes to agenda. Adoption of agenda.
  3. Approve minutes of December 8 meeting.—approved with changes.
  4. Public comment (3 minutes in person)—none.
  5. Update on moving collection back to Library—Highway helped Emily move more items to the library after the last meeting, including another shelving unit. There is currently no more room to move things back until Emily organizes and distributes items to the different storage areas.
  6. Review Historical Collections Management Policy

Policy distributed and summarized by Emily and Carolyn who worked on the original policy. It will be reviewed at the next meeting.

  1. Discuss work plan

Emily distributed a work plan with her suggestions for short and long term tasks.

  1. New Business

Emily reported that Lyle Sorenson was making a movie about the view from table rock and wanted to debut it soon, possibly in the library’s meeting room.

  1. Review agenda items for next meeting if applicable—Next meeting: Monday Feb 2, 9am. Discussion of line item for historical collections in the budget, historicall collections management policy, and the pocket plan will be done at the next meeting.
  2. Adjourn –10AM.