JOINT Rockingham Selectboard / Board of Trustees Special Meeting DRAFT Minutes: April 7, 2015

Draft Minutes

Please click here to download a .pdf of these draft minutes: ExecSess4_7_15

Joint Meeting: Rockingham Select Board & RFPL Board of Trustees

Select Board Members Present: Tom MacPhee, Chair; Ann DiBernardo, Peter Golec, Susan Hammond, Joshua Hearne

RFPL Trustees Present: Carol Blackwood, Chair; Doreen Aldrich, John Bohannon, Karin Fischer, Pat Fowler, David Gould, Leslie Lassetter, Ramond Massucco, Martha Rowley

Library Personnel Present: Celina Houlne, Library Director

Municipal Representatives: Town Manager Willis Stearns II, Attorney Steven Ankuda

Members of the Public Present: None

The meeting was called to order at 7:15pm.

The select board moved and approved entry into executive session on their behalf.

On behalf of the RFPL trustees, Fowler moved to enter Executive Session for the purpose of discussing mediation regarding SMP where premature general public knowledge would place the RFPL at a substantial disadvantage. The motion was seconded by Aldrich and passed unanimously.

Fowler moved to enter executive session to discuss confidential attorney-client information and invite Attorney Steven Ankuda, Municipal Manager Willis Stearns II, and Library Director Celina Houlne. Bohannon seconded the motion and it carried unanimously.

At 8:26 pm the boards came out of executive session. Gould moved to adjourn, Lassetter seconded, and the meeting adjourned.


Respectfully Submitted by Karin Fischer, 4/13/15