Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes: Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Rockingham Free Public Library

Board of Trustees Meeting

Tuesday, July 24, 2018


Present: John Bohannon, Ellen Taetzsch, Martha Rowley, Kate Kane, Heidi Lauricella, Don Tretler, Brady Weinstock, Susan Spaulding, Célina Houlné

Absent: Gary Fox

Guests: None

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  1. Call to Order : 6:05 PM
  2. Additions to Agenda for routine administrative matters and/or pressing matters that

will require ratification at a future meeting : Open Meeting Law clarification (added to Item 7)

  1. Public Comment (3 minutes per person) : None
  2. Approve Minutes of May 22nd meeting : Ellen moved, Heidi seconded. Célina made two corrections: Debbie Wetzel’s name is misspelled, and the final sentence in Section 9 – Other Business should read, “The library has a Debbie Wetzel painting on display that will be raffled by, and to raise money for, the Community Asylum Seekers Project.” With these changes, the minutes were approved unanimously.
  3. Director’s Report & FY 2018 Budget Status Report :
  • Célina reported that the library is cohosting a Hamiltunes sing-along with Main Street Arts on August 2nd.
  • The Friends’ fundraiser will take place at the Welcome Center on August 3rd; goodies are needed; have in packages and ready to hand out. Items can be dropped off on Thursday, August 2nd.  The popcorn maker is clean and ready to go.
  • There is a leak in the stairwell by the children’s entrance; Bruce from town maintenance has looked at it; Everett Hammond will come to make a plan. It appears that the leak is happening below ground level.
  • Budget is not fully up-to-date; still being worked on by Ron at the town; Celina will pass along the updated version with her July monthly report. The RVCU account is $13,000 too high because the interest has been transferred to the town.  We will review the budget at the next meeting.
  1. Fundraising Committee : John called the board’s attention to the item on the FR committee meeting’s minutes indicating that it is important that the annual appeal receive 100% participation from the board. Brady reported that the committee wants to reiterate the importance of board members speaking to members of the community about the library. Approximately $50,000 of the library’s budget does not come from tax dollars.
  2. Other Business :
  • Open Meeting Law update: Célina went over clarification of the law (attached)
  • Brady reported on a library training that she attended with Lara Keenan of the Vermont Department of Libraries.
  1. Review and Approve Warrants : Done
  2. Review Action Items, and Proposed Agenda Items for Next Meeting : Budget Presentation, Fundraising Committee Report
  3. Review Date for Next Meeting : September 25 at 6 PM
  4. Executive Session (If Necessary) : None needed
  5. Adjourn : Heidi moved; meeting adjourned at 6:37 PM


Respectfully submitted,



Kate Kane, Secretary