Fundraising Committee Minutes: Monday, June 22, 2020

Library Board of Trustees Fundraising Committee Meeting Minutes

Monday, June 22, 2020

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LOCATION: To Protect the Health of the Public the meeting was held online

via Zoom at or Phone Dial in +1 646 876 9923

Meeting ID 886 3868 0054


Present: John Bohannon, Don Tretler, Dale Kondracki, Brady Weinstock, Celina Houlne

Absent: Ellen Taetzsch

Guests: Pat Riese and Pat Fowler from Friends of the Library

  1. Call to Order : 6:05
  2. Additions to Agenda for routine administrative matters and/or pressing matters that will require ratification at a future meeting : a vote must be taken to make Brady chair of the Fundraising Committee and Dale the secretary. Vote passes unanimously
  3. Public Comment (3 minutes per person) : Reese and Fowler bring the board an update on fundraising for the Friends of the Library in the time of COVID-19. The Board does not need to take action. Friend’s have thought of hosting an online raffle at $10/ticket with prizes. There is an idea to change it to a 50/50 raffle instead. The Friends can also set up a button on the library website to make donations through an online portal. The Friends will come to the July 7th board meeting to ask for library approval.
  4. Approve minutes of the September 12 meeting : Brady moved, Don seconded. Motion passed unanimously.
  5. Fundraising: Review of how current fundraising programs will be hosted in times of COVID-19. Annual book sale will be open on top floor only when building opens. Staff will monitor as needed. Jon suggests adding an entrance fee or suggested donation entrance fee to help boost fundraising. Other suggestions include optional rounding final total up to nearest dollar as a donation.

Annual appeal will continue to happen, though there needs to be a greater attempt this year to make it more targeted. Brady suggested to save on postage that an option be given to people to receive annual appeal over email in the future. Other suggestions include transferring annual appeal to a postcard, which would be less expensive to send and easy to read, though lacks the amount of information and the possibility to send a return envelope.

  1. Other business : None
  2. Review action items, and proposed agenda items for next meeting : Discuss annual appeal
  3. Review date for next meeting: TBD at next board meeting July 7.
  4. Adjourn : Brady moved to adjourn, Don seconded. Meeting adjourned at 6:29 PM