Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes: August 12, 2013


Rockingham Library Board of Trustees
August 12, 2013
Held at Village Square Booksellers

Attendees: Library Trustees- Hope Brisette, David Buckley, Carolyn Frisa, Pat Fowler, Ray Massucco, Jan Mitchell-Love, Paige Pietrzak, Laura Senes, Deborah Wright. Celena Houlné, Director
Public Attendees: Deidre Fuchs, Elayne & Arnold Clift, Alma Beals, Wendy O’Connell, Serena Engermann, Steve Geller, Audrey Boerum, Joe Brissette, Donna Stevens, Lisa Delmar, Chris Garafalo (Press), Alison Teague (Press)

Meeting was called to order at 5:05pm

Public Comments- Arnold has questions about the activities of the vice chairman. He gave a letter to Jan who indicated that the questions would be covered under the agenda. Elayne read a letter from the US Postal System about the sending of a postcard addressed to the Rockingham Library Board of Trustees to an individual PO Box in Saxtons River.

July 22 minutes- Carolyn moved as approved Hope seconded- aye votes from all Trustees except Ray who abstained.
July 31 minutes- Arnold asked that it be added into the record that Mr Massucco did not withdraw his candidacy – Pat stated this was an error on her part in interpreting Ray’s email to Jan. Carolyn noted that trustees found out on the 31st that clarification was needed on who actually appoints the position- the trustees or the select board. The continuation of the Trustee meeting was on personnel issues discussed in executive session. Six trustees voted to pass the minutes: David & Ray abstained.
Aug 7 minutes – moved by Carolyn, seconded by Ray. Passed unanimously

Director’s report of August 7: Library will need to start to move back to our building.

Financials- no report yet. KOBO will be donated to the Friends of the Library Raffle from Village Square Booksellers & Vermont Festivals has donated Roots on the River June 2014 tickets. The Friends will have a booth at the SEVCA flea market Sept 28 The Friends have planned to have their holiday party on December 7.

Donna asked about the staff reporting of informational requests requested by Library Personnel Committee. Jan indicated that this will be discussed later during the meeting.

Building Report by Hope- Ray has agreed to be on the Building Committee. We will have a Certificate of Occupancy EOM, then the contractor will have to do punch list – priority will be set on what the construction company will pick up, the building needs to be cleaned end to end. Celina will be off 9th-20th for a wedding. Are there any groups that can be approached to help with the cleanup? We will need volunteers. Discussion ensued. Outside landscaping- Hope has plants ready to plant. For cleaning, we need a list of materials and equipment necessary- ladders, wetvac? Should we use ServPro? What can be covered under the Repairs and Maintenance budget? Carolyn asked if we can get cleaning quotes. Can we use student volunteers for community service? Steve suggested we get quotes showing differentiate levels of cleaning. Donna wondered if we can ask the master gardeners to assist in outside planting. Celina reminded the board that we have a landscaping plan from Julie Moir Messervy. Deb asked that the landscaping issue be put on the agenda for the September meeting. Celina will talk to Chip about utilizing the $100 day prison system.

Finance- Deb indicated that Pat has agreed to be on the Finance Committee with David & Deb. We need to evaluate the financial impact on benefits. Deb has asked Chip for more information. Arnold asked that copies of documents be made available during discussion. Deb has an over/under budget worksheet.

Historical Collection– no info

Policy Committee- board will be meeting on August 26th.

Personnel Committee- public information requests- Concern that documents not given to trustees, but public have them. We need a future policy on this. Handout from Jan discussed. operating budget is a public record. Ray indicated that the owner of document has control of it. We need to know who is custodian of the document?. State of Vermont- requires that we comply within 10 days. Carolyn suggested that any documents handed out at the meeting should be added to the minutes. And be made available online. Ray indicated that the town & village have a one page form. Laura moved that if the library director gives out public info document about library business (such as individual bills), that the trustees should also be included in the distribution. Deb seconded but the motion did not pass.

Aug 26th meeting to discuss bylaws will be a Personnel executive session instead to discuss the CAP report and evaluation.

Renovation update covered in earlier email with info from Chip.

Staffing- Celina asked about replacing Ed’s position. Pat asked if there is money in the budget for benefits- personal and sick time and vacation costs. Celina can review. This is a 25 hour position. Deb mentioned that benefits might be an unfunded liability; can a person bank the time? We need Finance Committee meeting to evaluate. The Finance Committee should present info on this to the board at next meeting. Personal leave is not in finance report from Chip.

Discussion on open meeting rules – in reference to online meetings – emails- can send out but cannot answer to “all”. Ray indicated that it is an “invitation to conversation” if you put an item into an email that requires an answer. We can ask who can attend meeting but there can be no substantive discussion of library business. This refers to FaceBook postings also. Use reply to sender if asking when you can meet. Discussion on public contact information for Trustees: phone, email address, etc-

Break for 10 minutes – reconvened at 7:04. Deb left during break for family emergency. Joel Love indicated that he will give us some advice on privacy and contact info – and we can choose what info can be distributed to the public.

Agenda item 7c Personnel Policy- we need a financial policy and need to settle the issue by Sept 30th. Finance Committee is David, Pat, and Chair Deb.

Agenda item 8a- done-

8b- correspondence. letter from Martha Reid. Reply was made by several individual Trustees.

Need an agenda item to schedule dates in September & October and coordinate with Martha.

Diedre asked if Jan had received a letter from the Attorney General’s office about observing open meeting law. Jan sent info from Jan. 2012 to mid-May 2013- warnings, agendas & draft meetings for committees. She also sent 1 set minutes from the committees – finance, communication & policy missing. There is a backlog and we have no reply yet. She sent the items through Town Attorney Steve Ankuda. 5 individuals thought we were not following open meeting law. Jan is not allowed to comment per attorney. Secretary of State indicated that we need to educate folks about open meeting law- he will help us learn about it if need to- it was an inquiry, research.

Carolyn indicated that the Attorney General has not answered her query either or the citizens group. Jan has received letter from the Attorney General about allowing Mr Geller to speak since he is from out of town. Carolyn asked if all letters re business of full board should be reviewed by the whole board- board’s action as a whole. Jan reminded Caorlyn that the board reviews all letters when they come in. Arnold asked if letter from the Attorney General is public record.

Discussion on the postcard: since Deb was called away, she will have an update for next meeting. The objection is that the postcard is addressed to the Board of Trustees c/o a PO box. PO box is not owned by member of the Board of Trustees. However, it appears that the Board sent it out- it has the library logo. It may be a federal case of mail fraud. Deb has the federal case number since it involves the US post office (no mail delivered to houses in Saxtons River). The PO Box holder must list authorized names with the post office-One of the postcards was dropped on the street and picked up. Elayne spoke to the post office today. She asked if Deb Wright’s call to the Reformer was discussed with the full board prior to talking to them about the postcard. In Elayne’s letter she stated that the Friends of the Library were not involved in the post card campaign; it was the friends of the library with a small ‘f.’ However, the postcard looked like the Board of Trustees had sent it out because it did not have a return address. Arnold apologized for any misconception as it was unintentional and asked that his apology be entered into the minutes.

Next regular meeting Sept 10 at 5pm

Next Personnel Committee special Meeting August 26

Bylaws meeting Meeting adjourned at 7:52 pm

Pat Fowler