Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes: Thursday, March 14, 2013


THURSDAY, March 14th, 2013
3:30 PM at Immanuel Episcopal Church

In Attendance: Jan Mitchell-Love, Hope Brisette, Laura Senes, David Buckley, Steven Fuller, Deb Wright, Pat Fowler, Paige Pietrzak, Carolyn Frisa and Célina Houlné. Public members in attendance: Duane Whitehead, Deb Wetzel, Bob Hewitt and Steve Geller.

1. Call to order 3:39 PM

2. Additions or changes to agenda: None

3. Public comment (3 minutes in person): Several members of the public commented on concerns about statements made in a local blog. The board was urged to take some type of action on this. Concerns were also raised about the conduct of the trustees in general.

4. Approve minutes of February 14th trustees’ meeting: Tabled until April meeting.

5. Election of Officers:
Suggested Slate of candidates: Chair, Janice Mitchell Love; Vice-Chair, Deborah Wright; Co-Secretaries Carolyn Frisa and Laura Senes; Treasurer; David Buckley: Carolyn Frisa stepped down as a candidate. Motion was made to approve the slate of candidates. Motion approved unanimously.

6. Set Date & Time of Board Meetings: Monthly board meetings will be held on the second Monday of each month at 4:45. Location to be determined.

7. Discuss Committee Appointments: Board members were asked to give their top 4 choices for committees to Jan Mitchell-Love, who will compile this information and make appointments.

8. Discuss Trustees’ Orientation & Training
Annual Town Officers’ Education Conference: April, 2013: 5 board members are planning to attend this conference.

9. Director’s Monthly Report & Financial Report: Fundraising trip to Boston is planned for April 13th. If enough tickets are not sold to break even by March 28th, the trip will be cancelled. Poet Laureate of Vermont, Sydney Lea will be presenting at the library on April 1 at 6 PM. See the director’s reports for more details.

10. Committee Reports
a. Policy – Steve Fuller: Nothing to report
b. Building – Hope Brisette: Nothing to report
c. Historical Collection – Carolyn Frisa: Two items from the historical collection will be loaned out to a museum in Connecticut. The museum will be paying to have these items appraised.
d. Communications – Deb Wright: Working on organizing trip to Boston.
(fundraising on hiatus) – David Buckley
e. Renovation – committee in hiatus – no report
f. Finance – David Buckley: Nothing to report
g. Personnel – Jan Mitchell-Love: Nothing to report

11. Renovation Project Update – Hope Brissette: Engelberth should be finished up the beginning of next week. The lift needs at least $2500 to possibly work. A motion was made by David Buckley to not pay any money to fix the lift. This motion was approved unanimously. Jan will also contact the town to look into the warranty.

12. Other
a. Code of Conduct – Jan Mitchell-Love: There is presently no code of conduct in the library board of trustee guidelines. Jan will ask Amy Howlett if she has any recommendations, and check with the town of Rockingham and the League of Cities and Towns. The policy committee will be involved in adding this to the trustee guidelines.
b. A motion was made to reject any implication that the library director has conducted herself with anything but professionalism and integrity. This motion was made by Hope Brisette, seconded by Deb Wright and amended by the board. Approved unanimously by the board.

13. Review Agenda Items for next meeting and set date: The next meeting will be held April 18th at 4:45.

14. Executive Session – if necessary: No executive session.

15. Adjourn at 5:48

These minutes respectfully submitted by Secretary Laura Senes on March 21, 2013