Communications Committee Minutes: September 17, 2012

Rockingham Free Public Library
Communications Committee Minutes
September 17, 2012

Meeting started at 1:00 PM.

No Public Comment.

No add/changes to August Minutes.

Report on November trip to NYC… sold out, and 6 seats sold. Ask $60 for just seat on bus to NY. Make handout for spring trip to Boston with clip board. First choice will give map of area to hand out.

Fundraise meeting will be held October 3 at 6Pm Jan Mitchell- Love will take over direction .

Holiday Open House – check with Friends for agree on date December 8, time 2-4 ?

Staff Appreciation and donation of small gift baskets and certificates to volunteers. Debbi- 6 baskets, Jan-cookies, Celina-clementines and certificates, will make addition from Friends contribution. Breakfast for staff of 10at Dish on Main in Saxtons River in October…Debbi check with restaurant for open dates, and will Friends pay.

Date for next meeting October 11 at 3:00 before Trustees meeting.