Historical Collections Committee Meeting Minutes: Monday, September 17, 2012

2:00 PM

Members Present: Carolyn Frisa (Chair), Debbi Wetzel, Emily Zervas and Célina Houlné

Call to order at 2:10pm.


1. Additions or changes to agenda
• None.

2. Public comment (3 minutes in person)
• None.

3. Review Plan for Packing/Storing Historical Collections Remaining on First Floor / Mezzanine of Library during Renovation Project
• Carolyn & Emily reported approximately 20 framed artworks and the grandfather clock remain in their original locations on the first floor and these need to be either packed and move or protected in place ASAP to prevent potential damage during renovation.
• Discussion followed about how best to deal with the oversize painting of Bellows Falls – until the basement is finished and storage space is available, the painting should be protected with polyethylene sheeting (taped securely to walls surrounding painting). Emily will purchase the sheeting from J&H Hardware and Célina will ask Baybutt to install it. Once on-site storage space is available, the painting will be packed and moved to the basement or third floor (before the painting process if not sooner). Baybutt will also be enlisted to help deinstall and move the painting at this time.
• Célina will ask Baybutt to construct a protective wooden crate for the grandfather clock and Emily will protect the clock bonnets with Ethafoam (Carolyn will check her studio for scraps to donate). Carolyn suggested that Emily create a sign to post on the crate explaining why it is there; Emily agreed to do this.
• Discussion about what do to with items currently stored on Mezzanie. These were packed and stored here because they were deemed either too fragile, too valuable, or too awkward to safely transport to VS Books for storage during the renovation project.
-some items in boxes could be moved to VS Books
-chairs that are regularly used by library patrons can also be moved
-The remaining items will be covered with one large piece of plastic sheeting in addition to the small sheets currently covering objects locally. Emily will also create a large sign indicating CAUTION is necessary when working near this are.
• Emily questioned when pack/move the objects (mostly books) in the Haynes Room. Célina will get the schedule from Baybutt and these items will be moved to VS Books prior to construction in this area.
• Debbi offered to donate a new roll of bubble wrap and Emily will order any additional packing materials in the next few weeks.
• Emil will solicit volunteers to help with the packing process; Debbi and Carolyn can provide vehicles to transport items to VS Books; Célina suggested we also ask Bob to help (he typically works Mon, Wed, Fri from 8-11am).

4. Update on NEH Preservation Assistance Grant Application
• Emily provided an update on the NEH PAG application. She and Carolyn worked on this proposal and it was submitted on May 1, 2012. Notification of awards is scheduled for November 2012. She will email a copy of this application to the Committee.
• Focus of grant application was on rehousing and storing the rest of the Historic Photograph Collection (the rehousing of the other part of this collection was funded in 2010 by a grant from IMLS which Emily and Carolyn also worked on). Items requested included a new flat file and folders for storage of oversize photographs, housing materials for the very large glass plate negative collection, and an electronic data logger to monitor environmental conditions in the new collections storage room. Carolyn explained that having this data logger in place is highly recommended for future successful grant applications for the Historical Collections.

5. Next Steps for Historical Collections Committee
• Take steps to clearly define the deaccessioning process for the items that need to be deaccessioned. Books have been identified as the most likely first group to be deaccessioned.
• Develop program for rotating exhibit for grand reopening celebration of library; there will be at least one display on each floor of the Library. This also includes deciding what types of display cases are necesary to do this.
• Set up specific bank account for Historical Collections.

6. Review Task List

• Carolyn
1) post query on online forum, Connecting to Collections, about what methods other I nstitutions have used for deaccessioning.
2) look for ethafoam scraps at studio and deliver to library for clock.
3) look into potential funding for display cases from Tru-Vue

• Emily
1) purchase necessary packing supplies and organize pack/move dates with volunteers
2) send NEH PAG grant application to Committee
3) create wish list of new display cases/furniture prior to meeting with furniture consultant Heather Rowan
4) make signs for clock crate and mezzanine areas

• Debbi
1) deliver donated bubble wrap roll to Library
2) work with Emily to establish packing/moving dates and provide use of van

• Célina
1) Talk to Baybutt about constructing crate for clock, protecting oversize painting with plastic sheeting, and work schedule for all areas on first floor with historic collections
2) Include display furniture items in final wish list for new library furniture to be presented to Heather Rowan
3) Set up Historical Collections bank account.

7. Next meeting will take place on Thursday, October 11 at 2pm at the Library.

8. A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Carolyn; seconded by Debbi; unanimously approved at 3:30.