Building and Grounds Committee DRAFT Minutes: July 30, 2015





JULY 30, 2015

9:00 AM


LOCATION: Top Floor Meeting Room


Present: Doreen Aldrich, Chair; L. Raymond Massucco & Ellen Taetzsch, Committee Members; Celina Houlne, Library Director

Call to Order: 9:05 AM

Additions to Agenda: None

Public Comment: None

Landscaping: The planting map drawn up at the start of the library renovations was submitted by Houlne. The Kersulas approve of the plan. Cory and Janelle Haskell of Terra Flora in Walpole are interested in doing the job. Fall is a good time to plant. Houlne suggested little bushes near the kids’ room. Massucco moved to make the recommendation to the full board to go with Terra Flora for our landscaping needs, seconded by Taetzsch. The motion carried. Houlne will ask for an updated estimate.

Exterior Signs: The original sign was done by Frank Hawkins and paid for by “Friends of the Library”. Will Parmelee, sign maker in the Putney and Brattleboro area sent a design in black with gold lettering. It will be low to the ground and painted on both sides and he quoted $1,300. It will be 48” with 6” plywood and metal posts. Houlne would also like a bronze plaque to cover the old book drop on the front of the building. The cost would be $850 and would be paid for by the “Friends”. Massucco advised that composite is just as good; but way less expensive. He will bring a sample for Houlne to look at. Massucco moved to recommend to the full board that Will Parmelee do the replacement sign; it being paid for by “Friends of the Library”. Aldrich seconded and the motion passed.

Book Drop: Houlne recommended moving it to the left of the entrance to the library as shown in the original plan when doing the renovations. Aldrich advised that if we change anything from the original plan we will have to go back to the zoning board and amend the permit. Aldrich made the motion to move the book drop to the left of the library entrance walk as shown on the map. Taetzsch seconded and the motion carried.

Flat Roof: Houlne explained that the leaks are bad. It was agreed that the problem has to be addressed immediately. There are no grant monies for this.   Massucco recommended seeking specs to inspect the roof and make recommendations for repair. Aldrich seconded and the motion carried.

New Business: None

Review Tasks: Massucco to get information on the bronze plaque for the old book drop; addition to the agenda for August 4th meeting regarding the sign; landscaping at the rear of the building and kids library and roof repairs. This committee will set a date for our next meeting after the August 4th regular board of trustees meeting.

Adjourn: Massucco moved to adjourn at 9:50 a. m.


Respectfully submitted:_____________________________Chair – Recording Secretary